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WWYDW: Do You Even Make A Move?

A WWYDW on a Thursday?! What sort of madness is this?

It’s the same kind of insanity that wonders if the Winnipeg Jets should even make a move at the deadline with said deadline less than three weeks away. Check out bodog for odds, but the Jets appear to be a contender.

The NHL Trade Deadline is traditionally a time where teams that are on the contending side of things “load up” on an extra top player or two in order to boost team depth, or provide that extra little bit of offense or shut down defense. After a handful of seasons of being caught in the middle between “buyer” and “seller” the Jets this season certainly fall into the category of potential buyers.

But are they buyers? Should they be buyers?

Since the loss of Mark Scheifele, the Jets have gone 11-2-3. They are 3-0-1 since losing Jacob Trouba. Those are incredible records when you think of how much a loss of a number one center and defenseman should impact a team, and that’s before you factor in the other injuries the Jets have suffered in the past month.

The Jets are going to get Scheifele back as early as Friday. Adam Lowry could be in a couple of weeks. Jacob Trouba if all goes well will be middle to late March.

No one NHL team is going to have that kind of talent added to their roster for a playoff push this season. The Jets will and it will not cost them a single asset.

Kyle Connor is a mainstay on the main roster now and given how he’s played the last three games, you have to think Jack Roslovic has made a strong case to stay up as well. If the Jets were looking for a trade to help with forward depth, they kind of already got it with AHL call-ups.

The trade deadline should be a time where a team takes care of any holes or deficiencies that the club has.. Do the Jets have any of those right now?

JetsNation, What Would You Do? Is it worth it to spend draft picks and possible prospects that can help the team in a year or two for a player that may be able to help now?

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