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Scheifele Opens Up In Sportsnet Q&A

We would much rather like to see the Jets on ice in April rather than see them in a string of interviews in April, but sadly that’s the fate we seemed to be resigned to this year as we’ve seen chats with Mark Scheifele and Blake Wheeler.

In the case of Scheifele, we may see his name a bit more in the Canadian media as he has taken on the role of ambassador for Hockey Night In Canada’s “Play On!” 3 on 3 street hockey tournament. Last week he spoke with the National Post and yesterday Mark spoke to Sportsnet’s Luke Fox about a wide variety of topics but maybe the most interesting for Jets fans was his shedding some light on the attitude in the dressing room late in the season…

Last two years, the Jets have been out of the race but keep racking up wins. People look at this two ways: you’re showing tons of character when mathematically out of it, or you’re only winning once the games are meaningless.

I don’t think it’s something to be concerned about. It shows character. We don’t want to be embarrassed. We want to show our pride. For one thing: You’re getting paid. You can’t just mail it in. The other thing: Other teams are fighting for a playoff spot, so you’re playing against teams fighting for their lives and you want to be spoiler. There’s lots of reasons to play your best. That’s the brotherhood we have. You don’t give up, because you might hurt someone else. Maybe this guy’s out of a job next year. Maybe this guy isn’t re-signed because of it. There’s always something to play for.

Other topics in the excellent and very enlightening read include his love as a youngster for the Red Wings (please don’t leave us for Detroit, Mark!), his appreciation for Steve Yzerman (please don’t leave us for Tampa Bay, Mark!) his training habits and mentors (Adam Oates and Gary Roberts) as well as thoughts about playing for Canada and his experience at last fall’s World Cup.

Winnipeg Jets fans rarely get such a great look into the personality and make-up of any of their players – it’s what has played a big part of what has made the expressive and free-spirited Patrik Laine so appealing to Jets fans. Luke Fox’s Q & A does a fantastic job though of letting fans get to know more about a core member of the team and should be a must read for any Jets fan.

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