A NationGear and Violent Gentlemen Takeover: Winnipeg Edition


The outdoor game is just around the corner, and that means we’re making our way to Winnipeg with some fresh NationGear and our friends at Violent Gentlemen wanted to jump in the mix. Who doesn’t love a pop-up shop featuring two of your favourite clothing lines? Long story short, your wardrobe is in line for an upgrade. 

When we saw that the NHL had planned an outdoor game between Winnipeg and Edmonton we knew we had to find a reason to get there. Not only did we want to be in Winnipeg for the game, we felt like we needed to be there and we were going to make it happen by any means necessary. As a result, we enlisted some great sponsors, gathered a crew of misfits, rounded up some tickets, stocked up on gear, and made plans to leave our mark on the fine city of Winnipeg. 

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As per Nation tradition, we’ll be planting our flag at the Pint Winnipeg and setting up a residence for the weekend. If you looking for things to do for this weekend’s festivities, you’re going to want to swing by the Pint because we’ve got some brand new JetsNation gear that you’re going to want to get your greedy mitts on.


Mystery Tee

The boys at Violent Gentlemen have put together an amazing design specifically for the outdoor game, and the only place you’ll be able to buy it is at the pop-up store at the Pint this weekend. What does the shirt look like, you ask? You’ll have to keep your eye on their Twitter account for the launch, but I promise you it’s awesome. They know how to put out a slick looking tee, and the wait will definitely be worth it. 

What: Fresh NationGear AND Violent Gentlemen designs will be for sale

When: Saturday from 11-5pm and Sunday from 11-3pm.

Where: The Pint Winnipeg – 274 Garry Street

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Why: Because you deserve to look your best

If you can’t make it down to the Pint this weekend then you’re going to have to track down a friend/cousin/proxy to grab one for you, because once these babies are gone they’re gone. 



If you’re not following us on Twitter (@NHLJetsNation or @OilersNation) you’re going to want to start now. We have 10 VIP party passes to give away to some of the biggest Nation fans we can find. If you’re in Winnipeg and want the opportunity to win one of these passes we’ll be giving them away on our social media accounts.

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If you want to be eligible to win one of the VIP party passes all you have to do is tweet at @NHLjetsnation, include the hashtag #NationGoesToWpg, cc @AMATravel, and tell us why you’re excited about the outdoor game. From there we’ll pick 10 random Nation citizens to win and join us for a weekend full of shenanigans at the Pint Winnipeg.*

*VIP passes will be issued directly at the Pint Winnipeg

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