Want to win your fantasy pool this year? Buy the 2016-17 Fantasy Hockey Draft Kit from DailyFaceoff

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Today the Nation Network is proud to present the 2016-17 Fantasy Hockey Draft Kit from DailyFaceoff. This season the DailyFaceoff Draft Kit includes: fantasy projections for over 300 skaters; in-depth analysis of the best freshmen, rookies, goalies and sleepers; player rankings of the top-275 fantasy targets and everything else you need to win your Fantasy Hockey pool this season.

You can buy your downloadable copy of the DailyFaceoff Draft Kit from the Nation Gear store today, for just $4.95! Like the late-round gems the DailyFaceoff Draft Kit will help you unearth, it’s a steal!

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It’s a beautiful time of the year.

With the last fitful gasps of summer receding across the great white north, Canadian’s will begin to put on their plaid button ups and comely jackets over top of their fresh new Hip concert tee. We’ll welcome back NFL football on Sunday’s, agonize about Blue Jays’ latest stumble in the pennant race and eventually come to a collective decision about whether or not to get emotionally invested in Team Canada’s fortunes at the World Cup of Hockey.

And at some point we’ll gather around with our coworkers and our pals at a bar, or a cottage (or a cabin, if you’re a westerner) or an extended dining room table, and we’ll draft our Fantasy Hockey teams for the upcoming NHL season. It’s a tradition every bit as ingrained as second-guessing every lineup decision the coach of the Canadian men’s hockey team makes in a major best-on-best tournament. 

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Click here to buy the 2016-17 DailyFaceoff Fantasy Hockey Draft Kit for only $4.95.

You know that coworker who doesn’t like hockey, but enters your office pool for fun? Don’t let him beat you again this year because you didn’t study up. Time is running out for you to get that inside knowledge edge over the other fantasy GMs in your pool. This isn’t a moment for procrastination: this is study season and DailyFaceoff is here to help. 

So hurry and buy your copy of the 2016-17 DailyFaceoff Fantasy Hockey Draft Kit today for $4.95. It’s available for purchase right now at the Nation Gear store!

    • jakethesnail

      Using Rex Libris analysis that he used to determine the Flames potential scoring for next season, McD will only play 45 games next year because that is his injury history in the NHL. He will regress in points per game to 0.88 because teams have figured out how to defend him.

      Total crap you say? That is what we said about Libris’s analysis of the Flames!!!

  • madjam

    Save your money and get all the things you need for nothing , by going to NHL points per game leaders for 2016 . Print a copy off for yourself to use in any draft . The list has the top 800 point producers . No matter where you draft just pick the next available top point getter each round . You’ll find this is better than trying to use your own biasis . Works really well , and have taught others to do the same , and they have all benefitted by doing so even if they were not big fans . Biggest problem is guessing where newbies might fit in , and guessing how many games some players might play in over entire season . Control your biasis and control your draft by using your points per game sheet .

  • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

    So much for this tournament being meaningless. This tournament is going to be just as intense as I said it would be in previous articles. Players play this game to win and they have pride and a competitive nature. That’s what makes them who they are! Very intense U.S. / Canada game!
    World Cup just starting to heat up !!!

    • jakethesnail

      I agree….the Americans could leave everyone black and blue by the time the tournament is over. Kessler played his old self.

      We will see how far this old style of hockey will take the Americans as opposed to teams with pure skill and speed. On a positive note we outshot them by a wide margin – Quick was good.