Jets Nation Recap: It’s over!!! We lose.

The Jets lost. 

The Nashville Predators put four black rubber disks into the net while the Jets only put one in, and by league established rules, this means that the Predators win and not the Jets.

If you are pro-tank, you are happy. If you are anti-tank, you are mad.

Apparently carrying forwards who arguably should not even play on the top-six for an AHL team or a defensive pair that maybe deserves to be in the pressbox is not the way to build a competent hockey roster. Not everyone played poorly, but there were some players that left a lot to be desired.

Nikolaj Ehlers opened up the scoring with a breakaway goal from a beauty breakout stretch pass by Joel Armia. This was the last time the Jets scored in the game. It seems like forever since the Jets were scoring goals consistently.

The Preds later went on the power play due to an ill advised kneeing penalty when Anthony Peluso failed to take an open-ice run at the opposing player. Ryan “out of shape and lazy” Johansen tied it up near the end of the first on the power play, despite one of the Jets defenders having rested for five minutes in the box for a pointless fight. The next goal came about three quarters through the second, off a tough angle snipe in the top corner by Craig Smith, who tallies his tenth of the season.

Speaking of kneeing penalties, James Neal does two things: dirty plays and goals. He did the latter against the Jets early in the second, with the assist going to Johansen. Isn’t it great that the Predators GM was able to trade for talents like Johansen, Neal, and Forsberg. That’s quite the talent pool. Now they are in the Jets’ conference!

The final goal was then scored by Calle Jarnkrok, one of my favourite NHL last names, into the empty net off of a high flip-pass that Andrew Ladd lost track off.

This may make me seem to be angry, but really I’m just becoming apathetic as this team has so much potential but isn’t putting it together.

Three Keys:

Will the real Pekka Rinne please stand up: Rinne has been bad this year. Really bad. So bad that if more people watched the Predators they would realize that Rinne probably deserves the All-Star nod about as much as the legendary John Scott. Of course, this was not the Rinne the Jets faced. Rinne stopped 26 of 27 shots, including five while short handed, and posted a 0.963 save percentage.

Two fifth lines and a fourth pair: Some people were commenting about the Jets carrying two fourth lines. I’m not sure how many of those six are legitimate NHL players even by fourth line standards. I mean, Thorburn has uses from time to time, and Copp has potential, but after that… Oh ya, then there is the Jets “third pair” that is probably not as good as their pressbox duo, although I though Ben Chiarot had a pretty good game.

Freaky Friday on Thursday: Not really a key point but did Dustin Byfuglien and Tyler Myers switch bodies? Myers was pretty much beast mode all day and Byfuglien looked a bit off unless carrying the puck.

Hot Taeks:

Charts And Stuff:

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How we at Jets Nation feel after tonight’s game.


  • #12MorrisLukowich

    It was difficult to digest and I kept wondering if this team needs an exorcism or smudging or a lucky horseshoe or something.

    Forget injuries for a moment, and cumulatively consider the things that are supposed to even out over the course of a season like; bad calls, taking bad penalties, goal posts, red hot opposing goalies, scheduling blips, time zones, and lengthy travel and you just have to wonder how many wins have eluded the Jets because of the voodoo funk landing squarely at their doorstep?

    Now consider what if the bounce had gone our way all those times, what would the “W” column look like? Would the Jets confidence meter also look different under those circumstances?

    But it didn’t happen and I’m bummed…

    OT/ This current line up with Scheifle, Lowry, Burmi, and Stafford are pretty much the Jets without Buff & Ladd… something to think about…

  • #12MorrisLukowich

    Just love how incredibly stagnant Chevy stays…they said we were supposed to become a refreshed team with him in charge…5 years before we’d see the fruits of his labor they said…it’s been 5 (& counting) pretty stale years and all of the ‘fruit’ he’s collected has a distinct Atlanta aroma…