Jets Nation Prospect Profile 2015: #20-16

The first five profiles in our prospect series have been completed.

Continue past the jump as we highlight numbers 20 through 16.

#20 – Jamie Phillips

Jamie Phillips raised his stock after a 0.933 save percentage performance in his junior year for Michigan Tech. Goaltenders are voodoo though, so Phillips will need to repeat his performance to prove he is not a one-hit-wonder.

#19 – Sami Niku

We go controversial, ignoring draft order that is less than two months old. Sami Niku fell with many scouts citing a disappointing year. The numbers though say the opposite, with Niku scoring well in the Mestis and even getting some action in the Liiga as a 17-year-old.

#18 – Jimmy Lodge

It’s been a very up-and-down ride for Jimmy Lodge and his performance in junior. Lodge has proven though that he can score and has carried some terrible teams. With a solid skillset, the Jets hope that Lodge can bring things together in his rookie season for the Manitoba Moose.

#17 – Chase De Leo

What Chase De Leo lacks in height, he makes up in everything else. He was the fourth player drafted from his team, but has consistently out performed the other three. As a late birthday, De Leo joins many Jets from the 2013 draft class that will be playing their rookie pro-season this year.

#16 – JC Lipon

As a tough, gritty forward with a scoring touch, many were hopeful that Lipon could grow into becoming a plus bottom six piece. An excellent rookie season cemented this as a legitimate possibility. Unfortunately Lipon’s scoring nearly dropped to half his previous year’s totals as the St. Johns IceCaps fell from Calder Cup contenders to one of the worst teams in the league.