Nation Network Prospect Profiles: FINAL RANKINGS

Draft day is here, and our Prospect Profiles series has now run its course. If you missed any of the players we covered or are just looking for information on a particular player, our entire top-45 countdown with links to each individual profile is after the jump

Click here to see our list of some of the best goalies available in 2015.

As always, click on each individual player’s name to view their full prospect profile.

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#45 – Jacob Larsson, D, Frolunda (SHL)

  • Slick defender with definite offensive slant to game. Excels in moving the puck quickly and accurately. Questions about defensive upside.

  • Hitches in skating and consistent intensity, but a talented scoring winger that has all the tools to be better.

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  • Great athlete with massive wingspan that finds success in strong board play. Pass-first type of guy. Shot and Skating can improve.

  • Lanky Finn with good speed and strong puck skills. Would like to see a better physical game from his 6’3 frame, but pro-level production is strong for age.

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  • Home-run swing defender with excellent skating and high-end offense. Statistical darling, but big concerns about defensive abilities.

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  • Unknown how much he benefited from elite linemates, but strong skater with great shot in a 6’4 frame.

  • Toolsy, jack-of-all trades defender with no real weaknesses in his game. Played huge minutes for one of WHL’s best defensive teams in 2015.

  • Shifty skater and skilled playmaker that has track record of success against top opposition on the international stage.

  • Mobile two-way defender that played a large role for his junior team. Strong transition game and NHL-sized frame. Only decent statistically, and questions about D ability.

  • Skating ability, hands, shot, puck skills all plus-level. Dynamically skilled forward with a high offensive ceiling. Defensive game needs polish.

  • Smart playmaker with a well-rounded two-way game. Lack of a “wow-factor” but all around effective centreman.

  • Very skilled and fast blueliner. Can make mistakes trying to do too much. Excels with puck possession and is a good powerplay quarterback.

  • Natural goal scorer with good vision and willingness to crash the net. Great instincts and can improve skating.

  • Big puck mover that plays a calm and cool game. Adept skater and a top D in the WHL, but intensity is at times questionable.

  • Talented and dynamic winger that’s scored a ton of points at every level. Physical game a concern, but very high skill level.

#30 – Pavel Zacha, C, Sarnia Sting (OHL)

  • Massive forward with big skill had disappointing injury and suspension plagued 2014-15. Projects far better than his numbers.

  • Gritty two-way defender without many holes in his game, could develop into anything at the NHL level.

  • Powerplay ace with a cannon of a shot and big offensive upside, but defensive questions. Hugely impressive Swedish career before making jump to North America.

  • Heady and intelligent playmaker that sees the ice well and produces offense.

  • Tremendous athlete with good skill and physicality. Skating needs work and offensive ceiling questionable.

  • Has to bulk up to handle physicality, but smallish winger is fearless and flashy. Very good scoring talent.

  • Highest scoring D on the CHL’s best team at 17. Fantastic skater and strong defensive ability to go with offensive upside. Undersized, however.

  • Sneaky and deceptive offensive player with strong puck skills, quick feet, and a willingness to engage in puck battles. Very creative playmaker.

  • One of the WHL’s top 17-year old ES scorers this past season. Very smart and crafty 200-foot player, but could benefit with improved skating.

  • Fast climber up rankings played with Auston Matthews, but is a very skilled playmaker that excels in a puck possession system.

  • Hard nosed and gritty offensive dynamo with extremely high talent. Down year in 2014-15, but was incredible as a 16-year old.

  • Big body, crushing hitter, nasty fighter, smart defensive defender, strong playmaker, and prolific shooter checks all boxes on the good D checklist.

  • Electric sniper with tons of flash to his game. Decent defensively with a good work ethic, but had an inconsistent year. Near-elite skill set.

  • Towering defensive ace that skates well and always impresses in live viewings. Mediocre counting stats cause concern, but may have been influenced by poor luck.

  • Bulky winger with a nasty streak and a rocket of a shot, but questions about how effective he’ll be without an elite linemate.

  • Pass-first winger who is agile and shifty. Key component of dominant Kelowna Rockets club. Needs to shoot more.

  • Heady puck moving D that uses smarts to excel on both offense and defense. Physical game isn’t great, definitely projects offensively.

  • Concerns about struggles and IQ are likely overblown. Elite skater with monstrous offensive talent coming off a disappointing season.

  • Lacks dynamism of other forward prospects, but monster offensive player with a well-rounded defensive game and attention to detail.

  • Big-bodied winger that simply produces. Fantastic hands and high end vision make him one of the draft’s top offensive threats.

  • Hulking Finnish forward that played a major role in the Liiga at just 17. Intelligent playmaker with smooth hands and protects the puck well.

  • Smooth-skating puck mover with definite two-way upside. Strong passer with good hockey sense.

  • Dynamic and explosive playmaker with excellent hands and fast feet. Disappointing season thanks largely to fluke knee injury.

  • All-around offensive powerhouse that’s dominated the USHL for years now. Terrific skater that has a polished two-way game as well.

  • All around high end skill with no real weaknesses. Skates, shoots, attacks, and defends very, very well.

  • Offensively inclined all-around workhorse who’s incredibly young by NCAA standards. Entirely unprecedented performance in 2015.

  • Obscenely skilled point producer with astounding puck skills, vision, and quickness. Would be in 1st overall discussion in any other season.

  • Smooth and crafty big-bodied pivot who produced at an elite rate behind Connor McDavid. Franchise centre potential.

  • Simply one of the best prospects to come along in the last decade. Explosive skater with elite hands and vision. Dominated every level he’s played at.

  • Potential generational talent and surefire NHL superstar. Indescribable explosive all-around ability.

And that does it for our 2015 Nation Network Prospect Profiles. Thank you for reading along, and we hope you enjoyed the series!

  • And the Canucks will ignore this and select Brandon Carlo.

    And that’s a great thing for a team that is in desperate need of size.

    The omission of Carlo, however, isn’t the biggest flaw in this list. Instead, it’s the number one selection.

    McDavid’s closest comparable to my mind is Alexandre Daigle. And being drafted by that paragon of player development, the Edmonton Oilers, pretty much guarantees that McDavid will end having the same impact on the league as Daigle – serving as a cautionary tale and warning to all future GMs of the fickleness in drafting talent and the foolishness of tanking a season.

    The generational player this year is Eichel. Book it.