The Roundup


Oilers gifted McDavid and reportedly hire Chiarelli. Injured Jets swept by Ducks, Leafs eye Todd Mclellan, can Canucks come back, playoff nastiness, Rob Ford, Sean Monahan, Michael Ferland and more in this week’s Roundup brought to you by DraftKings.

In the roundup we go around the Nation Network and give you some of the best articles of the last couple weeks. Every once in a while it’s good to know what other teams are doing, or maybe you find an interesting article you wouldn’t have found otherwise.

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Rob Ford wants ‘Iron Mike’ to be next Leafs head coach

Todd Mclellan could be coaching option for Leafs

Toronto Marlies: Success led by strong play of rookie talent

Flames: There are no saints in the NHL playoffs

Jiri Hudler named finalist for Lady Bing

Is Sean Monahan playing hurt?

Flames: A love letter to Michael Ferland

The morning after winning the draft lottery

Was it worth all the pain?

McJesus Rises!

Nurse versus McDavid: Glimpse to the future

Report: Former Boston Bruins’ GM Peter Chiarelli is in town

Report: Oilers to hire Chiarelli – Scrap of the week

More from around the Network…

NHL: First star, Worst star of the week

5 things that have to happen for Canucks to come back

Ducks sweep Jets in first playoff series since move back to Winnipeg

5 reasons the Anaheim Ducks will win the Stanley Cup

Endless Summer: Kings off-season social media Week 1


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  • 3rd Laraque From The Sun

    Ha ha ha Walter. You are so clever. Now go back to your room for your nap, give Daddy a kiss and I’ll pack your lunch for school tomorrow. You need to get a good sleep and good nutrition you know because your grade 8 teachers will want you to be at your best. Now good night Walter.

  • The GREAT Walter White

    Wow! This haw really been an amazing week for the Oilers organization. First the hockey gods grant us McDavid, then the air of nepotism which has plagued the Oilers for the last 15 years is being lifted by the promotion of Nicholson and the Chiarelli hiring. It really looks like this is finally the end of the seemingly endless rebuild. I’m feeling optimistic that we will get to see see playoff hockey one more time at Rexall.

    • The GREAT Walter White

      If the Oilers ever upgrade their GM and owner, your head will explode.

      Sounds like they just announced Kevin Lowe is out of Oiler hockey ops, moved into the business side.

      • The GREAT Walter White

        Owner doesnt need an upgrade. He’s willing to spend to the Cap and can afford it no matter where the canadian dollar is. That’s as good as it gets. Consider ourselves Lucky to have had a Billionaire step in when he did.

        Only thing he needed to do was hire more qualified people into the positions that matter and allow them to do what is needed. he appears to be doing that now.

    • The Last Big Bear

      You can tell you’re an Oilers fan when the best week of the season is one where your team ISN’T PLAYING HOCKEY.

      Stop me if you’ve heard this one before:


      “This team has finally turned the corner! This is going to be our year! This new 18 year old kid is going to set the league on fire!

      No, really guys! This time we mean it!

      Why is everybody laughing?”

      • The Last Big Bear

        Lol! Suck it so hard.

        Flames fans all say ‘heard this before’. Umm no. Best player in decades. Nope, haven’t heard that before. Ever. There is no precedent. I get its not fair, but cry me a river….

        I know it hurts to admit, but all you arrogant Flamers can suck it so hard. Enjoy your middling playoff bubble team of lunch pail grinders for the next 10 years as the Flames sit in our shadow just like the 80s all over again.

        Kiss my oil drop

        • The Last Big Bear

          Bragging about things that haven’t happened yet?

          “It’s totally different this time”

          Accusing other fans of being arrogant, and then immediately in the very next sentence self-aggrandizing about how your absolute trash hockey team is going to dominate everyone?

          You guys are more predictable than the geese coming back.

          “Best player in decades.”

          The only thing your post is missing is a spare-parts-for-Shea-Weber trade proposal.

    • paul wodehouse

      …hmmm things should move along quite quickly soon…anyone in Edmonton hear of a press conference? how ’bout Chiarelli sightings?

      …TOO BAD…this is a time when the log cabin Molson House should still be standing…think the franchise needs to make THIS crucial type of statement in THAT kind of venue again…

      …like when Gretz was sold

  • paul wodehouse

    presser scheduled for noon (Mountain time) is the reports coming out of sports net and tsn guys on twitter.

    nothing officially reported here in Edmonton or on the Olers website

  • wojohowitz

    Congratulations Oiler fans. Kevin Lowe has joined Mike Milbury in the pantheon of incompetence. In a couple of years Flame fans will stop laughing at you.

  • Rockmorton65

    As a Flames fan, I’m liking the Oilers moves. Should make Alberta “Death Valley” for the rest of the league again. Not to mention the return of a true rivalry again. Monahan/Bennett/Gaudreau/Brodie/Ferland vs Hall/McDavid/Hopkins/Eberle/Nurse etc. in a couple years, this is going to explode.

  • The Last Big Bear

    I don’t ever foresee a SC ever coming to Canada again when Gary Buttman is in charge. the Habs were able to win one before Buttmans shut it down.
    Just wonder when Canadians will wake up and realize that hockey is nothing more than scripted entertainment, with referees as game managers.

    You guys ever play mario cart with catch up mode enabled? You can run a mean course with all the AI robots a lap behind, but if you make one small mistake they’re right up your arse. Same thing with hockey, when a team has too big of a lead, the game managers step in with even up penalties.

    Hard to see any big pro sport as competitive when the players make millions before they even touch a puck.

  • Dirty30

    Given its the Oulers they will likely go up and sneeze and end up with Achee Ooliniv from the Trans-Siberian unknowns league, ranked dead last and dropping fast.
    Seeing how he is from Siberia he will be the only person who ever sees Edmonton as an upgrade.

    • Dirty30

      Perhaps the league could ‘gift’ the Cup to the Leafs for a substantial financial offering lol.

      The Leafs do seem to me as a sort of major league farm team for the rest of the league. Many of their players go on to other teams and have done quite well for over the decades.

      Recently, I think they should of kept Raymond and McClement but that is just my opinion.

      Yet me thinks Arizona will do well in the near future because I think they need some kind of financial bailout if I am not mistaken. 😉