The Nation Draft Prize-a-Palooza: Impress your friends and win some prizes while helping charity!


Hey Citizens!

Playoff hockey is nearly upon us and the Nations Network is holding a playoff pool draft for charity.

Do you like hockey? Do you like hockey drafts? Do you like hockey pools? Do you like hockey playoffs? Do you like helping charities?

If any or all of these apply, you should check out The Nation Drafts Prize-a-Palooza after the jump.

Rules and Information

The basics are as follows:

  • You go to
  • You pay the twenty dollar entry fee
  • You make your selections for the playoff pool before the April 15th noon (CT) deadline
  • You watch as new guys Jets Nation shows their superiority to the lesser fan bases
  • Hopefully win some prizes while charitably helping The Earth Group

For a the complete list of rules and such,

check The Nation Drafts rules page.


In case you are wondering what you can win:

  • 1st Place – a $1500 VISA gift card
  • 2nd Place – a $500 VISA gift card
  • 3rd Place – a $200 VISA gift card
  • 4th Place – a $100 VISA gift card
  • 5th Place to 10th Place – a $30 iTunes gift card
  • 11th Place to 20th Place – a $10 iTunes gift card

Final Thoughts

Registration opened earlier today so you can start researching your team and sign up now if you wish.

Sign up for the glory of your site, whether you’re a citizen of a full Nations site like The Leafs Nation, Flames Nation and Jets Nation, or a citizen of one of our territories (like Canucks Army). Sign up for the glory of yourself. Sign up for the glory of your site. Sign up to help a good charity.

Just remember the little people like myself if you win.