What would you do Wednesday: The Evander Kane Saga

In this instalment of What Would You
Do Wednesday, I want to see what you, dear readers, would do with Evander Kane. Don’t hold back and fight for what you believe in.


As many of you already know, Evander
Kane and the Winnipeg Jets appear to be on the fast track to an ugly split with
no way of ever fixing their issues. Allegedly during the afternoon of February
3, Kane showed up late for a team meeting in Vancouver and was not wearing clothing suitable for the team’s dress code. This did not sit well with the rest of the
team, and they held him accountable for his actions by throwing his clothes in the dressing room shower which led to an altercation in
the dressing room.

The 23-year-old was then scratched
for that evening’s game against the Canucks. Kane would then miss the Jets
practice on February 5, and the next day he elected to go under the knife for shoulder surgery. Kane wil be out of the lineup for 4-6 months.

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This wasn’t the first time Kane’s
professionalism was questioned, during the NHL lockout in the 2012-13 season, a
photo was taken of Kane holding up large stacks of money on a roof in Las
Vegas. Some fans took this as a joke, (which Kane tried to play it off as,)
while others believed it was his ego coming out and saying, “it doesn’t matter
if we play or not, I still have my money.” The left-winger was again
photographed with stacks of money on his back while he was doing a pushup just
two years later.

Since this issue was made public,
Kane has been at the centre of trade rumours. Due to his locker room antics and
injury, the Vancouver-native’s trade value is seen at low and can be seen as a
“low risk, high reward” situation.

Kane, who was selected fourth overall
in 2009 by the Atlanta Thrashers, has been with the team since the 2009-10
season, but has only played a full season once in his NHL career (48 games in
the lockout shortened 2012-13 season.) In 361 games, he has accumulated 109
goals and 113 assists for a combined 222 points, but his potential is said to
be through the roof. Couple his potential with his size and Kane has all the
tools to be a bonafide NHL star, but will he be a star for the Jets?

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So now the decision is in your hands,
what would you do about Evander Kane? Would you try to move him at the NHL trade
deadline, even though he is done for the season? Or would you maybe trade him
before the NHL Draft in June? If you do choose to trade Evander, where would be
an ideal destination and what would be a fair return for the 23-year-old?

Would you choose the other option,
not trade Kane and hope that he can mature into a player that could be an NHL
superstar? Players like Patrick Kane and Tyler Seguin were able to get through
their “rough patches”, whose saying Evander can’t do the same thing?

Feel free to let us know what you would do, you’re the GM, so you tell
us in What Would You Do Wednesday!