The question over the last few years isn’t who will the Jets
play in the first round, rather will they even make the playoffs?!?!  The conversation is getting a little old as
we’ve expected to be on the bubble of the post season since the Jets made their
return to our (One) Great City (That was a Weakerthans reference for those
wondering 😉

Is the shine wearing off? 
Are we getting tired of hearing the same shit out of the offices at 345
Graham; “We’re building through the draft”?! 
Some have subscribed to this theory and are hoping for the Jets to crash
and get a better crack at adding McDavid and/or Eichel to the roster.  Truth be told it would be the first time we’ve
had a draft pick that could jump into the line-up without having to spend
another year in Junior or and EXTRA year in the American League (


If you look in the bullpen for the Jets this season, we have
only 2 players out of our 30 picks that have made the full roster for the
duration of the season, both of those players were inside the top 10 picks (Sheifele
and Trouba).  Ehlers looks like he might
crack the line-up next year after putting on some man weight (similar to what
Scheifele had to do), and Petan might fit in well with the Ice Caps after his
last year of Junior, but with Scheifele, Little, Perrault and Slater, there’s
not a lot of room down the middle.


So, the question remains for this season, would you rather
see the team tank and get a crack at the #1 or #2 pick in the 2015 NHL Entry
draft!?  Or see the Jets make the post
season for the first time since the 2006/07 (Hotlanta Thrashers) season?  Leave your comments below (bonus points for
fist) or hashtag #BustOrMust on your fav social media.  And as always, #GoJetsGo

Wheeler (section 217)

  • I’m torn, half of me says tank for a franchise type player but the other half says come on, it’s time we had some playoff hockey in this town. Either way, but please don’t just miss the playoffs AND be outside of the top 10 in drafting.

  • WetcoastJet

    Playoffs please! Chances are if we tank, we would lose the lottery and end up picking 4th. Then we might still have to wait another year for an nhl ready player.

  • WetcoastJet

    Tank, tank, tank!

    Look, i want to make the playoffs as much as the next guy BUT if we’re ousted in the first round, we’ll have very little to show for it (ya ya playoff experience, blah blah). We need to be able to hold our own with the Big Boys of the West first(LA, ANH, CHI, STL, DAL, SJ, maybe MIN?). Not a lot of room for the Jets there, specially when we have way too many holes to fill (goalie, LHD, goalie, 3RW not named Buff, backup goalie and finally a goalie). And if management refuses to participate in trades or FA, then that only leaves drafting. So why not tank (oops, sorry, i mean give valuable ice time to the youth instead of plugs who are marginally better for now) and get a better draft pick in the process. On the off chance we get McDavid/Eichel, that’s a game changer! Our own Superstar (do we even have one on the team?)!