What Would You Do Wednesday: Replacing Kane

In this installment of What Would You Do Wednesday, we consider how to replace Evander Kane in the lineup for the 2 weeks to infinity that he’s missing. The point of this feature is just to yell at each other in the comments (this is the internet, after all). So I’ll give you the scenario, you explain how to solve it.

The Scenario

Evander Kane was felled just a few minutes into game one with an undisclosed knee injury, and Paul Maurice was happy with a week-to-week diagnosis. He’s to be re-evaluated toward the end of next week with a mysterious “we’ll see” hanging over that exam. 

We looked at the value of Kane here – he’s the only Jets player from this iteration to score 30 goals in a season. Despite injury and lockout shortened seasons, he’s scored at a 57 points per 82 game pace since donning the Polar Night Blues and has the third best even strength scoring rate on the team despite playing over 100 EV minutes with 13 different forwards (many of them very bad) over the past three seasons.  

A somewhat sparse schedule to start October means that if a two-week diagnosis is correct, Kane will miss just three more contests (making effectively 6 total). If he takes a month, he would miss another 12 games (15 total), or 18% of the regular season. The Jets can’t afford to simply forfeit those contests and our sources say the league is no open to re-scheduling for when Evander is healthy (sticklers…). 

Matt Halishcuk drew in for game 2, Anthony Peluso for game 3. Patrice Cormier was just waived after returning from injury. The farm is brimming with young talent and the NHL roster has some bodies lying around. If you were in control, how would you replace Kane while he recuperates?

How It Works

This couldn’t be more simple. Just tell us and your fellow readers how to keep the team rolling without one of its leading scorers. If there is a move, remember to give some specifics. Call up? Okay, who goes down? Trade? Then what’s the return? You tell us in What Would You Do Wednesday!

  • Going off the board & saying give Holland a call. He’s a puck distributor with a high hockey IQ, who could add to the second-unit PP (or PK-he’s killed penalties with the Bulldogs at the AHL level).

    He’s a bit under-muscled for full-time NHL duties yet, perhaps; but he’s been durable at the AHL level, and he’d be playing with Big Buff & Scheifele, neither of whom are wee.

    An undersized puck distributor might be an odd pick to replace a volume-shooting power forward, but it’s worth a shot.

  • X

    O’Dell is the logical choice, he is the best available player, better than a few guys already on the roster.

    Tangradi would have given you Kane’s zone exit and entry abilities without the scoring, but that Scheifele kid and Wheeler guy know a thing or two about putting it in the net.. oh, that’s right.. nevermind.

    If I am going to go off the wall a bit here too – I would say if O’Dell is not going to get the assignment bring Kosmachuk up from The Rock. The kids is a pure shooter, put him on Little and Ladd’s RW and they can carry him in the DZ and NZ. Throw Frolik over on his off wing with 55 and Wheeler, he’ll figure it out and give them a bit of the possession support they need.

    Or maybe:
    Ladd – Little – Wheeler
    TJ – Scheif – Frolik
    Lowry – Perrault – O’Dell

    Maybe, I’m not sure. This team needs another good LW option pretty badly.

  • What if the Jets made a depth signing and brought in Manitoba boy Dustin Penner? He’s a player that could play on any of the top three lines due to his size and past scoring. I personally would like to see him playing on the wing with Scheifele and Wheeler, either as the “first” or “second” line.