Are We Dating?!? Or…?!?!


The Winnipeg Jets and Paul Maurice remind me of my early 20’s
when you go out with a girl a few times, and aren’t sure how to introduce each
other when you bump into someone you know. 
Without coming out and saying it, they’re going through that awkward, ‘We’re
just seeing each other stage
’ in their relationship.  Neither side has committed past this season,
which makes the sex is probably pretty good, but only because you know you
might be able to get a little action on the side without having to feel guilty
about it.  The question is, is the sex
good enough from either side to make that commitment?

As it stands, there is no contract for Paul Maurice to
return as bench boss for the Jets next season, he himself has stated that he
wants to make sure it’s the right fit for him, and for his family before he
signs on long term.  For the Jets, was it
just a band aid to appease the fans that were calling for coach Noel’s head on
a platter, ‘cause if they were willing to hold out until the end of the season,
there would be a few candidates that I know the fans and the brass would be
interested in pursuing.

Think of coaches like a song you really love, y’know the one
that you add to every playlist you make. 
You listen to that song until you know every note and lyric inside and
out and could sing the entire thing in the shower without fail.  That song eventually loses its luster a
little, and although you get excited the odd time it pops up when you hit ‘shuffle’,
you’re not committing to listening to it at nauseam anymore.  Its message has lost its meaning to you, and
although you can still hum along to it when you hear it, you’re not belting it
out at the top of your lungs when you’re in the car with the windows rolled up.  Coaches are the same way to the players, a new
message in the locker room, with new practice techniques and systems and
exciting for the players, it’s a change up from the monotony of the predecessors,
and can lift a team to unexpected heights… for a time.  Some messages from coaches, like songs, can
wear out quick, while other have a longer shelf life.

Claude Noel = Ylvis – What Does The Fox Say?

Funny for a week or so, but then everyone realizes it’s a funny
song, and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Paul Maurice = Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball

Hits #1 on the pop charts, can’t get enough of it… Then
everyone realizes it’s Miley Cyrus, and quickly denies ever liking the song.

See where I’m going with this?  The Jets need a bench boss that’s closer to a
Pink Floyd, or an Alanis Morissette (obligatory Canadian Content mention), who
spend YEARS, sometimes DECADES on the charts. 

Enter Barry Trotz.  He’s
been coach of the Nashville Predators since 1998, he’s the only coach The Preds
have ever seen behind the bench… and he’s at risk of losing his job this
year.  There’s been no speculation on
this topic, but the writing is on the wall. 
Coach for 16 years, has made the playoffs in 7 of those years, and from
the looks of it, will miss the playoffs for the 2nd consecutive
season.  But if The Jets are looking for
guy who’s message is going to last more than a couple seasons, this is the
guy.  Did I mention he’s a born and bred
Manitoban (Dauphin).


How about goold ‘ol former Jet, Randy Carlyle?  It seems to be the Leafs M.O. to swap coaches
after missing playoffs a couple years in a row, so why wouldn’t we bring back a
former Moose (and Jets) alum to (once again) appease the fans with a familiar face from
the Jets 1.0?  I realize you can’t put
the entire blame on Kitty for the Leafs collapse in the playoffs last year, or
this year heading towards the post season, but the Leafs brass like to shoot
first and hire someone later.  Could be
an option for the Jets if they pull the trigger on letting him loose on his
contract, plus we know Dave Nonis likes to fire people to cover up his inadequacies.

But, when it’s all said and done, the sex might be good
enough for Maurice and Jets to sign an initial contract to stay behind the
bench, but don’t look for that to happen until after the Cup had been handed
out and before the draft, Chevy and Zinger might be thinking the same things I
am?!?  Maybe?!?  At least we don’t have a coach who yells at
his players for ruining a new custom suit.

  • ljab1989

    I’d be fine with Trotz… but NOT Carlyle. I just get the impression that theres a “honeymoon phase” with Carlyle where all the players love playing for him… then after not too long you notice that the way players talk to the media and act around the coach has changed completely and I think its because they know howe bad of a coach he really is but can’t say anything. Every year you have players who used to play under Carlyle coming out and talking about how terrible it was.