Teemu Flies in Winnipeg One Last Time

Teemu Selanne only spent three and a half seasons in Winnipeg.

That’s not many years to play in a city for their team to be considered an icon, an idol, or a franchise player who’s number you would undoubetly retire at the end of a career.

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For Selanne, an unforgettable 1992-93 season with 76 goals and 132 points were followed by two seasons of injury, lockout, and a trade to Anaheim.

So, in reality, Teemu Selanne only really had one great season in Winnipeg.

But, it seems both he and Winnipeg still want that season to mean something.

Teemu Selanne will play what will most likely be his final game in Winnipeg Sunday night at the MTS Centre and there is no love lost between him and the fans.

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There will no doubt be the same ovation for Selanne as round one in 2011-12 and it will be welcomed and well received by Selanne and his family.

In 231 games in Winnipeg, Selanne had 147 goals and 159 assists playing alongside other Jet youngsters Keith Tkachuk, Alex Zhamnov, and Teppo Numinen – all now retired.

Selanne is one of a few players still left that played against or for the original Winnipeg Jets.  Throw in Jaromir Jagr in New Jersey, Ray Whitney in Dallas, and Shane Doan in Phoenix and there’s a few that are still at the forefront of today’s game (although not as dominant).

For Selanne though, there is and will always be the nagging doubt in my mind why people remember him to be one of the greatest Jets of all time when you could easily separate that class with players like Dale Hawerchuk and Paul Maclean.

Jets fans of old seem to always way to remember and will always remember his rookie season, but for them it will be more the fact that he really put the Jets on the may over 20 years ago.

The heartbreak of a trade that no one – not even Selanne – has simmered and fallen off, but tonight, for one more night Selanne is king in Winnipeg.

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