Nation Network Mock Draft: Final Rankings

Over the past few days, the readers of the various sites in the Nation Network have been voting on their rankings of prospects for the 2013 NHL Entry Draft. Today, we reveal the results.

Mock Draft Results

The Canadian teams come away with the following players:

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  • Calgary: Sean Monahan (6), Robert Hagg (22), Mirco Mueller (28)
  • Edmonton: Elias Lindholm (7)
  • Montreal: Ryan Hartman (25)
  • Ottawa: Anthony Mantha (17)
  • Toronto: Kerby Rychel (21)
  • Vancouver: Valentin Zykov (24)
  • Winnipeg: Max Domi (13)

A lot of talent stays on the board for round two. Two way forwards like JT Compher and Jacob De La Rose, skilled forwards like Artturi Lehkonen and Connor Hurley, quality defencemen like Shea Theodore, Ian McCoshen and Steven Santini and many more.

  • Oilers G- Nations Poet Laureate

    Oilers new roster for season might /could look like this : Defence : Myers , Belov , Smid , Klefbom , Ristolainen , Jeff and Nick and Justin Schultz . Vanek also added . Coutourier or better centerman a possibility if we choose . Fourth line to include B.Sutter , C.Neil and E. Nystom or J.Boll . We retain Eberle , Hall , Hopkins and Yakupov and maybe Paajarvi . Dubnyk and unknown back up . Book it .

    • MKE

      There is no way. How could you add Myers, Ristolaninen, Vanek, Coutourier, and Sutter?
      And keep all your best players?

      And still have a first round pick available to draft Ristolainen?

      It’s just not possible.

      • OilLeak

        Should be able to get everything and not have to touch valuable prospects while keeping our valuable youth . See if they’ll accept this : Blockbuster deal with Buffalo for players and draft picks , minor Washington , and enough from deal left over to acquire a centerman like Couturier or better using the acquired 16th pick + . Our new 8th gets Ristolainen . Fourth line proposal I believe we have enough left over to acquire 3-4 of them . without touching main prospects or Paajarvi I hope . Names you can figure out for yourselves whom i’m using by deduction . May not happen but the pieces are there to make it happen in all or part .

        • BurningSensation

          This literally made me laugh out loud.

          There is no combination of players and picks on the Oilers that does not include; Eberle, Yakupov, Hall, The Nuge, Klefbom and Schultz the Good, that will get you Couturier from Philadelphia. Philly knows they have a quality stud in the 20 year old and they aren’t going to deal him for 2nd rate vets on bad contracts.

          If I was an Oiler fan, I would be looking to dangle Eberle and Klefbom to Philly for Couturier and their 1st, then packaging Philly’s first into a deal that nets you Myers, and even that is a fantasy scenario (I highly doubt that Philly parts with Couturier for anything outside of the big 4, Hall, Nuge, Schultz and Yakupov),

          • BurningSensation

            What do you find so appealing about a player that only had 15 points this year and fell to -8 plus minus ? You want to offer up Eberle plus – give your head a shake, no way i’d do that deal straight across .

          • BurningSensation

            Couturier is a BEAST;

            – His advanced stats are excellent, including a ridiculous def zone start that he pushes to be an almost even zone finish.

            – He has prototype size and strength

            – His stats against the Eastern Conferences best centers is excellent (in particular he creates huge issues for guys like Malkin and Backstrom)

            – As a scoring star in jr, he showed he has untapped offensive upside

            – His points have come with almost no powerplay time

            – He’s only 20 and has a high ceiling that he hasn’t scraped yet

            There is a reason every Oiler fanboy dreams that they can get Couturier for spare parts, he’s really, really good.

      • BurningSensation

        Nothing madjam says is possible. He is probably playing nhl 13 or something. I thought DSF was bad but at least he had intelligent things to say to counter an agruement, even if they were biased and just trolling for the sake of it. I can’t believe some people get their panties in a bunch with guys like DSF but are perfectly fine with people who don’t even understand hockey to voice their ‘great’ opinions.

  • JI123

    I think I would rather take Horvat over Lindholm. From what I have been reading he sounds to be a bigger and more intense center. In all reality, would either have much of a chance playing for us right away?? Probably not….then trade down.

    • OilLeak

      Lindholm and Horvat are the exact same height, and Lindholm finished in the top 10 in 2 strength categories at the combine. Lindholm also has a much better chance to play in the NHL right away as he’s been playing in the SEL.

      Lindholm is not a soft player, the NA media loves to portray all europeans players as “soft”. If Lindholm is available at 7 and the Oilers don’t take him they’ll be regretting the choice for years.

      • OilersBrass

        Hello OilersAss, today’s show is brought to you by the letters F.U. I’ve been reading articles from and Hockeyprospects. Check them out, they also have pictures so you can follow along.

        @OilLeak Just read the combine results. Pretty good for the Swede. Horvat, did finish pretty high in the VO2 test and was playing at 206lbs when he scored the finals winner.

  • JI123

    We need someone to play right now. if Horcs is indeed gone, thenwho do we have sliding in?? Lander….please no. Trade up for a viable center or trade down and see what you can get in return. Crossing fingers…. I am really starting to loathe June.

  • Leafs, I hope they get a c, nay, I demand they draft a c. I was hoping last year that we would draft the high end c and have our 1C set for the next decade. I like Morgan pick, don’t get me wrong, and if we parly him or Jake for a 1C, then I’ll be happy. I dream of course of the Leafs trading up to get someone like Barkov,or higher. Why not? It is a dream. I will be ever so pissed if we do not try to move up and take a 1C, the best one we can get. It would be nice to have for the first time since Sittler and MacDonald to have a #1c and a #1Winger. We are a little thin at the blue line now, but we much in the pipeline. The same can’t be said for C’s. If you don’t count Colbourne, the next best is Mckeeg and then it drops for after him. Mckeeg I don’t see him as being any better than 2ndC, tops. This is the year that is supposed to be so strong, so lets get, by hook or by crook, the stud, power #1C we’ve needed for so long. If they pick another D I will scream.

    • BurningSensation

      I think it will be hard to be disappointed with what the Flames get if they use all three picks given the quality that remains at the bottom of the draft.

      That said, I highly doubt that our late rounders will both be used on defensemen. I can see either Hagg or Mueller being the Flames choice late in the draft – but not both.

      Given Nic Petan was asked back for a 2nd interview after the combine I highly suspect he is our target at #22.

  • Calgary wants centers with size , Oilers need size at center and defence , Winnipeg probably defence with eye on Pulock , Van looking for 3rd line center and may move up dangling Edler . Barkov is interesting being as he just had shoulder surgery and has dual citizenship (Russian dad and Finnish ) . Has a slight Calgary connection as he played last season with ex Flame Ville Neminen .