Game #48 – The Return of the Whiteout, or the Last Game? Jets vs Canadiens




After a wild year of ups-and-downs, it all comes to this. Tonight features the 48th and final game of the Regular Season for your Winnipeg Jets. It’s pretty simple at this point. Win, and there could be a playoff spot, a potential return of the Whiteout, and maybe (probably) even a Stanley Cup. 

Lose, and it’s all over. Lose, and there’s no playoffs, no White Noise, no 3rd Cup for Andrew Ladd just yet. Even worse, we’ll be doubly subjected to the insufferable Maple Leaf fanbase going head-over-heels about the fact that the richest team in professional Hockey finally made it back to the playoffs after 9 years, a time so long ago that there wasn’t even a facebook or a twitter for them to prattle on about their medicority with. As you can see, the situation is dire – a Win has never been so important.

So tonight, one way or the other, Jets fans say goodbye to the 2013 NHL regular season, and what a (brief) year it’s been. At times this year, the Jets have looked legitimately like both Divison Champion material and last overall finishers. They’ve been a perfect metaphor of their road schedule – all over the map. Although a win tonight doesn’t gurantee JetsNation anything other than becoming Anti-Ranger and Senator fans for the rest of the week, it would be awfully nice to end the season on a good note, and say goodbye to the Southeast Divison era with a victory over the Montreal Canadiens. 


The Matchup 

Winnipeg Jets

Numbers to chew on:

24-20-3 = 51 points. 9th Eastern Conference. 2nd Southeast Division

PP%: 14.0 – PK%: 79.8

GF: 126 – GA: 140

Notes and Trash Talk…Every team goes through injuries, but what the Jets have been through this year is borderline obscene. Tobias Enstrom and Zach Bogosian, arguably their 2 best defenders, have missed vast amounts of time. And they’ve been decimated down the middle injuries to Jim Slater, Nik Antropov, and now, Olli Jokinen and Kyle Wellwood. It’s been impressive that a team that’s had to rely so heavily on the Grant Clitsome’s and James Wright’s of the world can remain in playoff contention…Somehow, the dastardly Canadiens hold a 2-0 lead in the Season series…Who will win the Jets Regular season Goal race? Ladd and Wheeler are tied with 18, while Kane has 17. Will one of them jump ahead? Will it finish a tie? Will Ron Hainsey turn in a 19 goal performance to win? We’ll find out soon enough…Unless Chris Thorburn goes on a major spearing attack, expect Evander Kane to finish the season leading the team in penalty minutes…Want some good news? The Jets hold the tie-breaker advantage with Ottawa and New York, should they finish tied.



Montreal Canadiens

Numbers to chew on:

27-14-5 = 59 Points. 4th Eastern Conference. 2nd Northeast Division

PP%:21.2 – PK%:79.3

GF: 141 – GA: 123 

Notes and Trash Talk…Currently missing for Montreal are Alexei Emelin (knee) and Ryan White (Suspended)…The Habs have gone full-suck since they clinched a playoff spot, going 1-5-0. Here’s hoping the Jets add to their woes…Montreal is technically tied with Boston for 1st in their division, but the Bruins have a game in hand, plus a game against Tampa Bay, so expect Montreal to finish up 4th in the East…I really don’t care about the Canadiens at all, and writing about them is a chore. So, long story short, there’s a pregnant dog in my house. If anyone wants puppies, there will be some available in a few weeks. She’s a daschund / chiuhauhua mix, but we don’t know what kind of puppies they’ll be, because frankly, dogs are kinda whores that way. Anyways, if you’re looking for a for a mystery puppy, I can potentially hook you up.

Important Information

Game time is 7:00pm Winnipeg time, which wil also be 7:00pm in Villavicencio, Columbia and Quito, Ecuador. Big Jets fans out that way, I’m sure. The game is on TSN Jets, RDS, and available online for free at TSN Jets.

For scoreboard watching, Ottawa is in Washington to play those dirty, rotten Capitals, while the Rangers are in Carolina. I’d expect Washington to continue to roll, and hope to hell that Carolina revels in their chance to play spolier.

And remember, no defecating on top of the toilet.

5 Predictions to gamble scads of money on:

  1. There will be some obnoxious Montreal fans at the game, and they’ll start doing their "Ole" chant with the kind of smugness that suggests they invented singing in public.
  2. Chris Thorburn will not be the #1 star of the game, nor will Rene Bourque.
  3. Ondrej Pavelec will blow our minds both with a great save and a terrrrrrible goal.
  4. BIG GAME CANDIDATE: Andrew Ladd. While I’m at it, I’ll predict that the Oceans tides will vary throughout the day. The Captain has been the best Jet by far this year, and he’s truly become that special kind of player you can rely on to show up in a big game.  He may not get the most goals tonight – though he might very well – but his presence will be noticable all over the ice tonight.
  5. Anyone that tries to call me during the game will not be successful in reaching me.

Wrapping it up

It’s as big, and simple, as it gets. Why I bothered to use so many words up to this point is a beyond me. Here it is:


WIN + NYR(2 games remaining) AND/OR OTTAWA(3 games remaining) GET 1 POINT OR LESS IN LAST GAMES = PLAYOFFS!!!!!!


Remember to find us on Twitter at @nhljetsnation during the game. We’ll be happy to respond and engage in trash talk.

  • I now know why you cry.
    Would love a Det Chi series again. I like Zadorov as a pick. Maybe could trade down a few picks to get him. Don’t be afraid to bench the big minus players. This isn’t a Shenkarow charity anymore.

  • Im glad someone knows why I cry.

    I’m hoping for Shinkaruk. I’ve seen him listed at all 3 forward positions, and he’s got some solid numbers in the Dub. Zadarov would be great if he were around – and a Mike Smith’esque pick – , but the Jets are already quite stacked on the backend. That said, nothing better than turning a strength into a super-strength.

  • I’m happy Karlsson is back. I think he was the best player in the league, give or take Toews (Sid injury prone). I still don’t like the way Ottawa set futility records and then broke up their team. It bugs me that players like Cooke, that Avalanche who took out McAmmond and Torres are distracted by allegations of attempt to injure, because all would’ve been 1st or second liners had their careers been less controversial.

  • @borisnikov

    Yeah, that would have been great. I’m sure a playoff game at the MTS Centre would make a regular season game sound like a library.

    @The Keystone Garter

    Sure it’s nice to see Karlsson back, but it can’t be a coincidence that his return was in the same game that they clinched their playoff spot. Personally, I’d would have rather seen him make his return at the World Championships.

  • Yeah, IDK, the Jets looked like a #8 team this yr. Ottawa had some kids play great and Anderson might be the USA goalie. I thought we could beat T.O. but Reimer stayed healthy and Carlyle did win a Norris. I think our depth would’ve triumphed injury prone NYI over a full season.
    But really, you guys criticize this team; what have you really done for the city?! Flyers play good when they get MB. Leach and Clarke. Cup run with Hextall. And M.Richards.
    Having a no trade kills an asset. The Enstrom contract is very good without a no-trade. We only have 3 no-trade contracts next year. NYR played it wise. They got Nash, and then almost got all the prospects back trading Gaborik. They could’ve trade deadlined for depth, but with young D can be patient. Ottawa Montreal is the series to watch but who doesn’t want to see Teemu? The Scheifele game not on TV? The Mooseheads could win some April NHL games and London is very good. Domi is under-rated by CSB. He’d make a good pick but stay away from Polo Park.

  • I don’t know what to say, really…I’m too old…I, uh, I’ve pi**ed away all my money, believe it or not. I chased off anyone who’s ever loved me…You find out life’s this game of decimeters, so is hockey…the margin for error is so small. I mean, one half a step too late or too early and you don’t quite make it to the can. One half second too slow, too fast and she’s preggo.

    The chrons we need are everywhere around us. They’re in every chi of the game, every meck, every centiday. On this team we tear ourselves to pieces for that deci-jour!! Cuz we know, when we add up all those mecks…
    And I know (I know), if I’m gonna have any life anymore, it’s cuz I’m still willing to surrender and die for that centi-jour, because that’s what living is: the 6 incher in front of your face.
    Now I can’t make you do it. You’ve got to look at the guy next to you, look into his eyes…