Nation Radio – May 5, 2012

With winter finally loosing it’s icy grip in Canda (well, except in Calgary apparently) and all the great white north teams out of the playoffs, thoughts are unviersally turning to the upcoming draft and free agency. Those topics plus the WHL playoffs and World Hockey Championships are explored today with Corey Graham, Scott Cullen, Jim Byers and others.

This is Nation Radio.

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Segment 1

TSN’s numbers man and fantasy guru Scott Cullen joins Allan to talk the playoffs, Team Canada in the WHC and the Oilers potential draft choices.

Segment 2

In part two, we welcome Oil Kings PbP voice and regular guest Corey Graham. He discusses the WHL finals, including Portland’s firepower, the crowds in Edmonton and a "missed" goal call in game 2 of the series. 

Segment 3

Segment three features an open session and reader emails. Lowetide shares his thoughts on NHL afternoon games, the draft and his top 10.

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Segment 4

OKC PbP man Jim Byers is guest #3 this week. He looks at the Barons playoff push and provides updates on Colton Teubert and Alex Plante.

Segment 5

Nations overlord Kent Wilson checks in to talk about the Flames Roman Cervenka signing as well as the possibility of Calgary trading Kiprusoff this summer. Valuing "content over style" in player evaluations is also discussed.

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Segment 6

Finally, Benjamin Massey of Copper ‘n Blue and Eightysixforever shares some thoughts on Edmonton FC and the Vancouver Whitecaps. LT wraps things up with more draft talk.

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Whole show.

  • D

    Fast small team is what the Oilers have been for years. This philosophy works well in the regular season. i could see this team making the playoffs in 2yrs. Of course they will lose first round . But this is the team Lowe and management is building.

  • stevezie

    Okay, but if you think the Oil’s big problem was size I think you are confused. A team of 21 small, good hockey players would win more than they lost. By all means lets get some size, but let’s not pretend the problem is we’re too small.

  • DSF

    Take a look at playoffs team most are big talented players.

    Why do you think Vancouver went for size this year. They were trying to win the cup.

    Size with talent are not the only thing you need to win a Cup but it beats what comes in second.

  • From Stevezie: “By all means lets get some size, but let’s not pretend the problem is we’re too small.”

    Right on. The problems with this rebuilding are many, imbalance, lack of a strong core of veterans, not hard to play against, not strong on the puck, not protective of their stars, etc. etc. etc. Probably the greatest problem rests with the management, or lack of good management.

    When we see the results of the Coyotes’ rebuild, it is impressive. Obviously, they have a good management team and excellent coaches, and the Oilers don’t.