Nation Radio – April 14, 2012



As Canucks fans stare into the abyss of a potential first round upset, Oilers fans are left celebrating the only thing the team seems to win these days – the draft lottery. For the third straight year, Edmonton will select first overall in June, meaning the only thing left to debate is whether the club will pick Nail Yakupov or choose to plug other holes on the roster by trading down.

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To tackle this question and other matters, Allan talked with a number of notable gents yesterday, including player agent Tom Lynn, advanced stats guru Gabriel Desjardins and Oil Kings play-by-play voice Corey Graham.

This is Nation radio.

Segment 1

First up is former Minnesota Wild AGM Tom Lynn. He and LT discuss free agent Justin Shultz, the upcoming draft and the like of an NHL player agent.

Segment 2

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If you missed it the first time, here is the Steve Tambellini press conference.

Segment 3

In part 3, LT talks about the possibility of moving Taylor Hall to center.

Segment 4

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Gabriel Desjardins of fame stops by and shares his playoff predictions. The upstart Florida Panthers are also discussed. 

Segment 5

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The voice of the Oil Kings Corey Graham joins LT for a look at the upcoming Kings/Warriors series as well as probable first rounder Griffin Reinhart and Oilers prospect Kristians Pelss.

Segment 6

We finish off with Kevin Lowe’s recent appearance on the Jason Gregor show.


Whole thing.

  • Lowetide

    A couple of notes: the Gregor-Lowe interview is gold, it really is. Also, Tom Lynn is just outstanding, very good comments. And Gabe rocks the playoffs! Wish I’d talked to him before making my picks for the ON playoff game! Damn!

  • RKD

    I think the Oilers will still take Nail, how can you give up a guy like that?

    By having Nail, the Oilers can spread their offence out more making it harder for teams to defend against.

    They could still roll out with Eberle/Nugent-Hopkins/Hall all on the first line or have two guys on the first line and another two on the second line.

    Even though a lot people think the Oiler should trade the pick, they could still land a d-man or two via free agency or through trades. They could still trade away Gagner. If they trade the pick, they’ll want a top 2 d-man for sure. They should have enough money, I’m hearing rumblings the Oilers are not looking to resign Ryan Smyth, especially at the money he is making.

  • Rama Lama

    To define the real season is to make it into the playoffs and then “fight like hell”, pun intended.

    if we have learned anything ( Lowe and Tamby excluded) watching the playoffs so far, is that you need toughness throughout the line-up! There are more battles, more body checking, more open ice hits, more fighting……..I wonder how our little team would fare?

    Enough hobbits……. time for us to compliment each line with someone who can play and still be a physical deterrent.

  • Rama Lama

    The Oilers will almost surely be taking Yakupov and it has to do with that there are no such defenceman kids ready and good enough to help the team get into the playoffs this next year like a Smid or Petry or Suter type player. There are a few in this draft that will be like Petry or maybe even better but these kids (i.e; Murray, Reilly, Dumba, Reinhart)will be better in two to three more years.

    As the end of season interviews show, Hall, Eberle, and Hopkins say no more to losing and no moire to lotteries. Take Yakupov and start building the defence now with trades.

    Offense from Yakupov with the three young guns is natural, is explosive and it’s ready now top fire up this team. If Hemsky, Horcoff, and Smyth can be good about being with lesser
    minutes then we got two to three lines that are very strong offensively against any team in the league, more so even.

    The Oilers can and/or will go after those more ready now such as that J. Shultz, or in a dynamic package trade. The team has a lot of cap space.

    Speaking of trades, the Oilers are too top heavy with the same type players and a couple vets not likely to want to play third line minutes. The team can trade Gagner, Hemsky, Omark, Peckham, Barker, Potter, etc, and still get a first rounder to high second rounder in this years draft to get a good defence prospect to go with the ones we have. I think the Oil will listen to offers but then say enough but they will take Yakupov and say lets get back to Oiler’s Firewagon hockey now once more as see what happens.

  • Rama Lama

    What a freakin game!!!!!!!Philly and the Pens. Thats Hockey! Speed. Skill. Toughness. Thats why we wait 84 games so that we can turn on the TV on a Sunday afternoon in April and watch teams lay all out. Thats what makes the Stanley Cup the worlds hardest trophy to achieve. Just when you one round the next round gets even tougher. Attrition is the catch word. Todays games were frakin the bomb. Washington vs Boston 2xot. It only gets better.

    The comments I overheard today from Marc Crawford were insightful when he said the key to the game for Philly was thier speed. Speed folks. Thats right. Not thier size of thier strength. Thier speed. The Oilers would be on freakin crack if they don’t draft Yakupov. He has Pavel Bure speed. Him with Hall,Eberle,RHN and Hemsky. Speed. I am Speed. Lightning MCNail.

    • Rama Lama

      Ok now just how are our hobbits supposed to fight the awks in this league. It seems to me as evidenced by the game you are referring to speed was nuteralized with physical play.

      Just watch the game man……..big guys can skate too!

      Guys like you are so comical, do you believe everything you hear?

  • Rama Lama

    Who got 2 goals today for Philly. The Hobbit Daniel Brier. Oops sorry forgot guys like me do not watch hockey? Are you even real? Pavel Bure was neutralized by physical play? Eberle was neutralized to the tune of 33 goals? Make an argument that can pass the smell test. If size and speed were the only criteria we would have kept Penner. Speed plain and simple.No matter the size, speed is the key to winning games.

    Philly has size. But the one thing they won’t be able to rely on moving on into the next round is the goaltending..886 gaa for Bryzgalov. Lets see how that comes out in the wash when the Flyers play against a goalie who can make a save. Fleury has been awful. Special teams awful. Philly will need more from thier top players once they play Boston or New Jersey.

    • Yourmomthinksimhot

      Ok if that is you argument……..speed above all else, then I pray for the safety of our high skill guys in the post season, assuming we get there sometime.

      I can see our high speed guys getting run and creamed and all we have is Hordichuck every fourth shift holding people to account. Yea that will work.

      The big bad Bruins nuteralized the Canucks speed and clobbered them into oblivion last year and the Flyers are doing it to the fastest team the penguins this year.

      Your argument is hollow…….just like your head!

  • Stack Pad Save

    Man, I’m so sick of hearing the smurf arguement.

    Not sure who to credit, but someone on the last thread posted the height and weight of the Flyers, guess what, they’re not all 6’4 200+lbs

    Sure, the Oilers don’t “play tough”, but outside of Engelland and Asham, its not like the Penguins are a bubbling cesspool of rage.

    Crosby fought Giroux, Timonen fought Letang, yeah, I’m convinced no Oilers could tangle those beasts, those enormous bone-crushing giants.

  • Yourmomthinksimhot

    Draft Yakupov, I don’t see people in Chicago complaining with having Toews, Kane, Hossa and Sharp. I realize they have Keith and Seabrook, but I’d rather have the forwards and trade for the Dmen, not the other way around.

    Imagine this, down by one in the third and the goalie pulled. Hall, Eberle, Nuge, Yakupov and two defenseman in to tie it up. Sickening……

  • Stack Pad Save

    So trade down but how far, maybe 7-8 spots plus getting there pick and a player. Columbus has Tyutin 4.5 cap hit or Brassard 3.2 Montreal Subban RFa ???? or Gorges 2.5 NYI really only Okoposa 2.8 then Toronto Gunnarson 1.325 , Gardiner 1.116 maybe Scenn but 3.6 ; Anaheim has Sbiba 2.175 or Fowler 1.4 Minnesota may give up Clutterbuck 1.4 & Winnipeg has Wheeler 2.55 or Bogosian @ 2.5 Do you really think any GM will do this so my guess is Yakupov is an Oiler . If Tambellini can’t get a player of value and there top pick He would need to be tarred & feathered then railroaded back to the Canucks . If he could get Value then maybe we should .

  • Stack Pad Save

    With the oilers holding the ace. What would it take to deal the card? This year’s playoff is really a display of what the oilers have very little of. Strength gritt size and a tenatious battle level…
    To Montreal 1st overall pick. To Edmonton Pk Subban, Jarad Tinordi and the Habs pick.
    Would you do it ?

  • Reg Dunlop

    Agreed. I am skeptical that the young oil guns can maych the physical commitment shown by this years playoff teams but I am often wrong. I just want to see if they can elevate their game since they have not had a chance yet at the NHL level. Praying that next year we all have a chance to see real hockey in April in River City, and the kids hold their own.

  • @Kevin

    What are you on? It must be good stuff. Why in the world would Montreal come close to doing something like that? I’ve seem some lopsided trade suggestions here (a couple of months of Ryan Smyth for Dougie Hamilton??) but that one is just bad.

  • WOW ! Three years now and we got to 29th position . Three more years under present management and we should be fighting for 26-28 th position . Now thats progress . When will Oilers change management so we can get a taste of Mister Right ? The right track is outside of present management .