Randy Carlyle, Coach of the Jets?

 Whether or not it’s fair to Claude Noel, the question has to be asked? How long before Randy Carlyle is (a) hired by the Winnipeg Jets and (b) how long before Carlyle takes over from Claude Noel as coach of the Jets?

The former is anyone’s guess. While the Jets will probably deny any interest in Carlyle, the fact remains that he is beloved by both chairman and owner Mark Chipman and the team’s assistant GM, and Chipman’s close confidant, Craig Heisinger.

That’s not a bad thing. Carlyle is a terrific hockey man and his presence in Winnipeg as say, vice-president of operations or assistant to the chairman or some other nebulous title (not, director of media relations, however) would certainly not hurt the Jets. Unless, of course, you happened to be Noel.

The head coach of a team that missed the playoffs last year and is 9-11-4 heading into a game against the Phoenix Coyotes on Thursday night, hardly needs a new guy in the organization, a guy that even Noel knows is revered by the owner. It’s like having the executioner walk around Death Row in his robes.

However, while the Jets’ organization refused to hire other people they liked a lot (Mike Keane, Kris King etc.),  they once hired Carlyle — after he was the Moose coach and then left to be an NHL assistant — to be an executive with the Moose before they eventually named him head coach. 

Now, before anything happens, Carlyle will take a bit of time off and then see if a legitimate coaching job in the NHL exists right now. He did win a Stanley Cup in Anaheim and he is a good coach, despite what happened in Anaheim this season.

However, if a job isn’t out there, the Jets could be an alternative for Carlyle. As a front office executive, of course.

Because as we all know, Claude Noel — the No. 1 choice of the organization this past summer — is the head coach.


  • D'oh-ilers

    I’d like to see him get hired by the Jets in some capacity, it just seems… right. Should he eventually find his way behind the bench in Winnipeg, I wouldn’t be too upset either.

  • D'oh-ilers

    Really…I was not surprised at hearing the news today…it is the NHL where coaches never die…they just get tossed from one washing machine to another. Who could have thought (this would have been a nice Vegas proposition) on day 1 of the NHL season…that Boudreau and Carlyle would both be fired by Dec 1 and that the former would take the latter’s job! Is this Peyton Place? YES! And that is why the Jets will swoon dive on this long Dec. home stand…Noel will be FIRED and “The Minister of Defense” shall be named the new Head Coach of the Jets by New Years Day.

  • D'oh-ilers

    The truth is an argument can be made that Randy Carlyle was one of the top 5 coaches in the NHL (Lindy Ruff, Mike Babcock, Dan Bylsma, Carlyle, Barry Trotz) and shouldn’t be the fall guy in Anaheim. I mean the General Manager Bob Murray was instrumental in making the Chicago Blackhawks a laughing stock in the 1990s. He also is in the midst of shopping one of the teams best players, Bobby Ryan on the open trade market. Murray should have been fired, and perhaps even Carlyle promoted to General Manager to hire a coach he fits with.
    That’s not the case however.
    Had the Leafs started slower, he’d be on a collision course to replace Ron Wilson. Not happening this year now, the Leafs have been one of the better teams in the NHL.
    So now, Winnipeg… Claude Noel’s rope just became a little tighter. After a lackluster October, the team was pretty good in November, and December could determine Claude Christmas’ fate. If All Star break rolls around and the team is struggling, and playing undisciplined hockey, Carlyle is a huge upgrade from a coach who is finding his way.
    But lets be honest, Calgary should call Carlyle and find out what he’d do to restore Iginla’s confidence as a top NHL forward.