Jets Re-sign Blake Wheeler



According to Darren Dregger of TSN, the Jets have re-signed Blake Wheeler to a contract worth a total of $5.1 million ($2.55 million cap hit). That dollar figure is a fair price considering Wheelers’ comparables and he’s a good bet to provide value on that ticket.

As Robert noted earlier today, Wheeler figures to be a top-six forward for Winnipeg going forward. The former 5th overall pick struggled to move beyond Boston’s third line since breaking into the NHL, but his ice time ballooned to more than 18 minutes per night for Atlanta after he was traded, resulting in his improved output. Wheeler has averaged 0.52 points-per-game through the first four seasons of his career (43 points over 82 games), but is poised to break 50 with an increased opportunity with the Jets. 

Overall, a good addition and a better than fair value deal.

  • Robert Cleave

    The thing that most intrigues me is that the club hasn’t had to overpay FAs in spite of the very high Manitoba tax rates. Wheeler might be getting some relief due to the fact he’s American, since there are some tax treaties in place that might allow him to avoid the full brunt of paying 17.4% in provincial taxes on every dollar earned over 67K. I’ll have a post on the tax situation and some of the treaty issues later summer.

    • westcoastjet

      not sure they have to make any “big” moves too soon
      they are building a foundation of an organization and somewhere where players will want to play down the raod
      that being said bring on Parise baby!!!!!
      Kane is a stud