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Five Players The Jets Should Think About At The Deadline

It’s time to start looking ahead to June and the NHL Draft. The Jets find themselves in the predictable situation of vying for draft lottery position and are hoping to get a top 10 pi… wait…

I’m being told by some sources, that the Jets are in 1st place in the Central division (as of this writing) and are…


Waiting for confirmation.

*scrolls to NHL.com*

It’s true. The Jets after 49 games played find themselves in first in the Central and potentially are buyers ahead of the NHL trade deadline on February 26.

Lets take a look at 5 players that the Jets should, and likely could be looking at to add to the roster for a playoff push.

Patrick Maroon

At 29, he doesn’t fit the draft and develop process that the Jets are trying to employ, but he brings a wealth of experience, and is currently enjoying a productive season (13G, 13A 26 PTS) by Edmonton Oilers standards. He was part of the Anaheim Ducks team that swept the Jets back in 2015 so you know that he has a lot of grit, something that the Jets like and need on the 3rd line. His salary and the fact that he’s a UFA this year means that the asking price shouldn’t be that high, but if the Jets do want to make this move a third round pick should be the expected price.

Mark Letestu

Staying with the Oilers, Letestu’s contract is similar to Maroon’s. Since being acquired by the Oilers, he’s been a ‘Jets killer” and given how the Oilers aren’t going to make the playoffs, that shouldn’t be a concern unless another team in the west outbids the Jets and ends up having to play him in the first or second round. With that in mind, it may be worth a fourth or a third round pick or maybe even a prospect to having him with the team instead of against the team.

Michael Grabner

This is a unique situation, as there is history here as Grabner spent time in Winnipeg from 2006-2010 as a member of the Manitoba Moose. Much like the cases above, Grabner is a free agent after this season, but would possibly re-sign. With his speed and net presence, he is likely a better fit on the third line than the two Oilers mentioned. A possible price would be a third and a prospect, but that would likely be based on the Rangers asking price as opposed to his worth.

Mike Hoffman

This one seems less likely to be done, but does fill a position need. He has two years left and has put up 30 points thus far. With a hefty contract (5.1 mil per year) Chevy likely won’t make the deal, but you’d have to think that Winnipeg would be a list of teams he’d be willing to accept a trade to given the current situation of both the Jets and Sens. Current price would likely be a roster player (defenseman?) and a mid draft pick.

Evander Kane

Ok, so this won’t happen and the tires shouldn’t even be kicked in my opinion. But it would be entertaining to say the least. Given how Sabres management has already stated they would like a roster player, a conditional pick, a draft pick, and a prospect, it seems like a price way too high for a guy who’s playing top line minutes putting up 36 points on a last place team. I would give Chevy “GM of the Decade” if we were to acquire Kane back for a bunch of low level prospects that wouldn’t make much of an impact in the NHL.

But hey, Kane back in a Jets jersey? You’d love it. You know it!

I would imagine Cheveldayoff has been on the phones since the Christmas break trying to work a deal to improve the club. With Scheifele and Lowry injured, I would venture a guess that a trade is made sooner rather than later, if for no other reason, but to lessen the pressure of the two Jets centermen when they return full time.

Now, that’s not to say that the current third line the Jets have isn’t better than the names selected above, however there likely is a slight improvement to be made by adding one or two pieces at the deadline despite the current crew having more of an upside.

  • John K C

    I like the idea of Letestu and have been thinking for a while that he is the guy to get, especially as he does play center and should be cheap. Considering the depth of this team there doesn’t have to be a whole lot of talent added just competent vets that can play minutes if injuries get out of hand and mostly likely will. Maroon I think would be just too slow even if he was placed on either the 3 or 4 line. Kane? That’s pure insanity, I truly think that his attitude has caused a lot of grief for the Sabres, that team is too good to be THAT bad. When he got shipped out of Winnipeg the team made the playoffs that season and I don’t think it was a coincidence. The guy is pure cancer.

  • Stewsquared

    No one wants Evander Kane back here. Ever. You don’t finally convince your psycho girlfriend to move out, only to ask her to move back in 3 years later when you’ve gotten your life back together. Not happening.

  • Travis

    Forwards? The Jets have no need for more forwards. We have lots of bottom-6 forward depth outside of our lineup in Matthias, Roslovic, Dano, Lemeieux, Petan, etc etc. Sure, none of those guys are as good as Maroon or Grabner, but it’s not worth selling the farm to slot one of those guys into a position to play 4th line minutes.

    The only position I could see the Jets topping up would be an extra LHD, and more for insurance purposes in event of injury than an upgrade.

  • Paul from NZ

    Has Petan become tradable?

    This year he has dropped behind Roslovic and Lemeieux on the depth chart and, as both players are younger, in the prospect list.

    With other young talent already in the line up (Ehlers, Laine, Connor), I fear he will now waste away in this organisation.

    Whether we are buyers on sellers… we may be buyers if the opportunity comes up in some positions, but equally sellers with players like Petan (and maybe Dano and Matthias).

    If these players dont have a meaningful future in the big team, better to unload these players while they have value than let their value decrease further? i.e. they dont seem likely to ever play more than 4th line minutes at this point, and it is easy to find better 4th line players in moose or free agency.

    • Paul from NZ

      also, is it correct that as an RFA at the end of year Petan’s next contract will be one-way / non-waiver exempt?

      So next year he could be lost for nothing if not playing with Jets

  • Maroon would be an OK pickup for the 4th line for nothing more than a 3rd round pick. I still would prefer having speed on the 4th line. A playoff line-up of;
    Connor Scheifele Wheeeler
    Laine Roslovic Ehlers
    Armia Little Perreault
    Copp Lowry Tanev or Dano or Hendricks or Lemieux or Petan
    Keep Matthias in the press box. This won’t happen as Maurice would prefer to ply slow slugs like Matthias and Hendicks over more talented younger players.