PCS Winners and Losers at the 2015 Draft

money puck
July 03 2015 12:33PM

Throughout the course of the last year, the team at CanucksArmy and Jets Nation have been working on the development of a prospect evaluation tool called Prospect Cohort Success Percentage, or PCS for short. The basic premise is that by finding the closest comparables to a prospect in terms of age, size, league, and point production, we can gain insight into the prospect's likelihood of success at the NHL level. 

At it's essence, the tool tries to mathematically answer the following questions:

- Who are a given players' closest pre-NHL comparables? 

- What percentage of a players' closest comparables went on to become successful NHLers as defined by playing in excess of 200 NHL games (PCS%)?

- Of the comparables who went on to play in the NHL what was the average NHL point-per-game (PCS PPG) of these players?

There is a fair amount of advancements we're currently working on for PCS, including quality of teamates and era adjustments, but we thought it would be fun to see how teams did at the 2015 draft when using PCS as a benchmark. 

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Report: Winnipeg Jets extend assistant coaching staff, and Rick St. Croix returns to organization

Garret Hohl
July 03 2015 11:35AM

The Winnipeg Jets announced that they had re-signed Charlie Huddy, Pascal Vnicent, and Wade Flaherty to contracts, each with three years term.

The club's article also mentioned that Rick St. Croix would be returning to the Winnipeg organization as the team's developmental goaltending coach. St. Croix will be in charge of working with the team's non-NHL goaltenders.

At this time, it is unknown if Dusty Imoo, who had been in that role for the Jets, is being retained or not. EDIT: Rick Ralph reported Dusty Imoo is no longer with the organization.

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Report: Winnipeg Jets sign Brendan Lemieux to Entry Level Contract

Garret Hohl
July 03 2015 11:17AM

The Winnipeg Jets announced today that they signed the young, physical forward of the Barrie Colts to an entry level contract. As per limitations in the CBA, the contract is a three-year, two-way deal, with an average cap hit of 1.125 million when including bonuses.

Lemieux was drafted by the the Buffalo Sabres in 2014, and joined the Jets as part of the return for Zach Bogosian, Evander Kane, and Jason Kasdorf.

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Report: Winnipeg Jets sign Andrew MacWilliam to One-Year, Two-Way, 600K contract

Garret Hohl
July 03 2015 10:39AM

The Winnipeg Jets have added some experience to their young defensive core in the AHL.

The club announced the signing of Andrew MacWilliam to a  one-year, two-way deal for NHL dollar value of 600 thousand dollars

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The Roundup

Nation World HQ
July 03 2015 06:30AM


We've got you covered with the best articles from the CRAZIEST week in hockey's off-season, check it all out in this week's Roundup.

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