WWYDW: Do We Really Need To Talk About Patrik Laine?

Patrik Laine has been in a massive slump and there have been calls to either demote him to the 3rd or 4th line or even more, sit him in the press box for a game or two. This massive goal scoring slump consists of him having not scored a goal in his last… *checks notes*…


WWYDW: What To Do About Defense?

The blue line always seems to be a hot spot for debate when it comes to the Winnipeg Jets. The forward core squared itself away nicely with big additions in Patrik Laine and Kyle Connor, with some nice surprises in Brandon Tanev and more recently Mason Appleton, who’s seamlessly fit into the 4th line with…


WWYDW (On A Thursday): Which Cities Should Get Teams 33 And 34?

Now that the city of Seattle is confirmed as the location for the NHL’s 32nd team to start play in 2021, it’s time to planning for teams 33 and 34 right? Surely Gary Bettman and the NHL are already scouting which locations should get the next pair of NHL franchi… Bettman says the NHL is…


WWYDW: Is It Time For The Lines To Be Mixed Up?

Six games into the season and outside of a player or two, the lines that Paul Maurice has ran for every game has stayed virtually the same. Are we at the point where that needs to change? Most Jets fans likely would say a resounding ‘yes’ but the question then becomes, just what kind of…


WWYDW: What Do The Jets Do About Nic Petan?

Since the Jets returned to Winnipeg there have been a few players that have been absolutely polarizing to their fans. Of course the first that comes to mind is Evander Kane. Kane and Winnipeg never quite felt like a fit and it was just a matter of time before it all blew up, ending with Kane…


WWYDW: Banning Fortnite / Video Games On The Road?

The history of hockey has seen it’s fair share of players who have had careers cut short or never even fully realized due to various destructive vices that have robbed them of the focus and strength needed to succeed at the NHL level. Drugs and alcohol, addiction to pain killers, Fortnite… Wait, what?


WWYDW: Defensive Line Dancing

Kyle has spent the last couple of weeks going through various forward line combinations that have ran the gambit from logical and realistic to supposing if certain young players can make the jump to flat out stacking up talent over two lines. What we haven’t looked at though are the defensive line combinations.


WWYDW: Who Is The Jets Next “Breakout” Star?

In case you’ve been living under a rock the last few years, or just woke up from a coma that started back in 2013, the Winnipeg Jets have had an incredible run of super talented and young players come up through the system and become big time players. Patrik Laine obviously is the first name…


WWYDW: Do You Draft For Need Or Best Available?

When it comes to the first handful of picks in the NHL Entry Draft, you’d have to be crazy not to pick the best available kids at the spot you’re up at. In 2016, the Winnipeg Jets had a pretty nice collection of good, young talented forwards already and likely needed to add to their…


WWYDW: How Do You Fit Truoba In Long Term?

In amongst the aftermath doom and gloom of a game two Jets loss which also some angst over attendance numbers for both the Playoff Street Party and inside Bell MTS Place itself was one bit of sunshine: Jacob Trouba wants to stay and stay long term.


WWYDW: Would You Dare Mix It Up?

The following is a crazy idea, but this series has been nothing short of all kinds of crazy, so humor us for a moment… Paul Maurice has been known to take out the line blender mid-game if things aren’t going well for the Jets – he has in the last couple of losses in this…