#JNAirMail: Part Two… The Regulars Get Their Turn

Earlier today we let out new recruits chime in on our weekly questions as a way to introduce them to all of you, but we couldn’t let them have all the fun could we? Here is part two of our AirMail feature where the regulars – people here – answer those same questions the new…


#JNAirMail: Part One… The New Recruits Chime In

You might have noticed the last few days that we’ve had a string of new writers debuting work here on JetsNation. Safe to say our call for fresh faces to join us (a call that still stands and if you’re interested please give us a shout) has been heard and answered.


JN AirMail: Jets Need To Think Big!

Last week was a bit of a slow week for the ‘ol mail bag as we near the end of the first third of the 2018-19 season and things are clipping along fairly well for the Jets relatively speaking. There are the same old issues this team has had since the start of last season…


JN AirMail: Hats On For Toby

The name Tobias Enstrom is a name we can’t quite escape here at JetsNation, and honestly we’re ok with that. We’ve already covered how almost criminally underrated he was in his time with Winnipeg and honestly it feels a bit like his defensive play would be a welcome presence on this team now. And if…


JN AirMail: TFW You Wonder About How A Team Is Feeling

The concern Jets fans have over this team one month into the season is palpable and this week’s questions to us reflect the concern Jets fans have over roster decisions and possible emotions running high with this club, especially after their second blown third period lead of the season this past Saturday. This week Kyle, Sean,…


JN AirMail: The Defense Still Has ‘Em Questioning

JetsNation AirMail is where we ask for your questions, you either @ them to us on Twitter, send them to us on Facebook or even old school electronic mail them to us and then we answer them here! This week Cassie, Kyle, Sean and yours truly break down just what is going on with Blake Wheeler and his confidence, we…


JN AirMail: I Dano About New Lines, Do You?

A little bit late with the reader questions today was we had a couple of tough questions to contemplate – you’ll see below – and some thoughts about Marko Dano and the Jets mizing up their forward lines.


JN AirMail – What Is A Shake Weight?

A light week in the ol AirMail inbox as we tackle the hard hitting issues of what calendar month it is and who on the Winnipeg Jets used/uses those infamous Shake Weights (if you don’t know what a Shake Weight is, Google is your friend just try not to fall into a never ending rabbit…


JN AirMail: Laine’s Not Ready? Who Is Ready?

More questions about players in camp and the defense in this week’s edition of Air Mail, as well as a great question from Nation Dan about which players we’d take from the other Central division teams which had me thinking the Jets should just go ahead and make their own super-team a-la the Golden State…