Takeaways from Jets Disappointing Loss to the Blues

Old habits die hard. The Jets reverted back to their ways of last season where they held a lead in the third period only to see it slip away in the dying seconds of the game. For the full game recap of last night, click here.


JN Gameday: Jets Host Blues In Third Preseason Game

Wednesday’s win over the Minnesota Wild was a bit of a feel good moment for the Jets even if it came at the expense of roster made up of mostly AHL level players. Yes, the results of preseason games don’t really matter, but you still want to see victories, especially at home when your the…


Takeaways From Jets 4-1 Victory Over The Wild

Game two is now in the books with the Jets grabbing their first win of the pre-season as they downed the Wild last night. For the details of the game itself, check out our post-game recap. While winning the game is always important, there are other things to dissect when it comes to pre-season hockey….


Jets Lose Big To Open Rookie Showcase

The first game after summer is always a little rough, but nobody expected a performance like that. The Winnipeg Jets opened up the Rookie Showcase in Belleville with a trouncing at the hands of the Senators. Although Winnipeg was on the board early, Ottawa ran away with the game in the second period as they…


2019.R1.G6 Jets Playoff Flight Plan: Looking To Live On In St. Louis

Do or die. Now or never. Insert whatever cliche you’d like into tonight’s game. The Winnipeg Jets either win tonight and force a game seven in what has been an entertaining series full of great highs and crushing lows, or the season’s end comes early with us wondering just where it all went wrong and…


2019.R1.G5 Jets Playoff Recap: It Happened Again

You’re stunned, but you’re not surprised. You’re a Jets fan. You’re a Jets fan in 2018-2019 and you’ve seen this all too many times this season. Two goal leads, three goal leads, it really doesn’t matter. This isn’t even the first time this season the Jets have lost a game in literally the final seconds…


Playoff Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Jets Tie The Series In Overtime!

The first overtime game of the series helped produce one of the most exciting hockey games of the season. There was back and forth action all game as both teams managed to get on the board in the third period. Despite the low score, the game was an absolute joy to watch with the frantic…