Let’s Talk The Value Of Jets Contracts (Part 4: ELC Edition)

In case you’ve missed it, we are currently midway through our summer series where we are dissecting the value of each Jets contract. We started with the worst contracts on the roster here, before moving onto some of the other deals that aren’t too favourable. Part three is where we started coming across players that…


NHL Network: Wheeler And Laine On The 2019 Top 20 Wingers List

NHL Network continued it’s top 20 lists by ranking their top 20 wingers for right now going into the 2019-2020 season, and to little surprise Winnipeg Jets are well represented with Blake Wheeler on the list as well as Patrik Laine, although both of their rankings took a little bit of a dip this year….


A List Of Key Games On The Jets 2019-20 Schedule

With the 2019-20 NHL season a little under two months away, it’s a good time to look over the schedule and pick out some dates that could be big for the Winnipeg Jets and their fans. Chances are if you’re in a group that has a pair of season tickets, or you work at a…


Let’s Talk The Value Of Jets Contracts (Part 3)

This is now the third instalment in our contract series where we are examining every single Jets player and the value that their contract provides. In case you missed the preamble, check out part one here. You can also check out part two here where we took a look at three players with concerning contracts….


NHL Network: Scheifele Is Ninth Best Center In NHL

It’s been a personal belief of mine – and I am sure many of you – that Mark Scheifele is legitimately a top 10 center in the NHL, and on Sunday the NHL Network agreed for the third year in a row as they kicked off their annual top twenty rankings with the league’s top…


Let’s Talk The Value Of Jets Contracts (Part 2)

In case you missed it, we are doing a series about each Winnipeg Jets player and the value of their current contract. There are many factors that determine a good contract from a bad one, but we will be looking primarily at the role of the player combined with their most recent season performance. This…


Let’s Talk The Value Of Jets Contracts

It’s the middle of summer and nothing is going on in the hockey world at the moment. The draft is over, most free agents have been signed, and there isn’t much left to figure out before next season. A topic of discussion recently has been the contracts given out in free agency, especially with Myers…


JetsNation’s Top Five Favorites

Summertime seems to be prime time for #HockeyTwitter to ask some fun, relatively unimportant questions that can still make for good conversation. Last week was some sort of one on one showdown for your very survival, this weekend Twitter user @Adam_Campbell67 asked a much simpler question: Name your top 5 favourite players on your team….


Your Life Depends On A Shootout? Uh, Good Luck With That…

If you’ve been on the Twitter machine over the last week, you may have seen this gem of a question pass by… The best hockey player born on your birthday has to score on a penalty shot to save your life. The goalie he's facing is the starter of the Stanley Cup champs the year…


Pionk’s Deal Isn’t All That Bad

The dust has settled with Neal Pionk signing a two year contract over the weekend. When the news was first announced, many fans were appalled at the price as the Jets handed out a two year deal worth $3 million per season. While that might seem like an overpay to some people, I’m going to…


It’s Crazy To Think The Winnipeg Jets Are A “Cap Team”

The other day around the water cooler at work while discussing the Winnipeg Jets current situation involving Patrik Laine and Kyle Connor, a co-worker of mine tried to explain why exactly the Jets were going to for sure lose one of the two young forwards before the start of camp… “The Jets are on a…