Jetstream Podcast Ep 34: Munchie Meals

On this week’s episode, the guys talk about Jets’ prospect Ivan Telegin’s revealing interview, and once again, spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to make our team better this offseason.  All that, plus the NHL awards, a ton of rants from Travis and some mouth-watering descriptions of Jack In The Box’s…


Big Bucks and Free Stuff

It’s been a few months since I firstopened my Student Banking Advantage account at Scotiabank and started using myScotiaHockey NHL Debit Card, and I must say I have been pleasantly surprised bythe experience. In the past I worked at a financial institution, so Iunderstand how I like things set up, how they work, and (like…


Jetstream Podcast Ep 33: Kings

On this week’s episode, the guys catch-up after a brief hiatus, talk Stanley Cup and rag on dumb fans.  All that, plus the Ice Caps, a World Cup themed spelling bee and little NBA.


The Trip of a Lifetime

The Stanley Cup Finals.  It’s the ultimate goal for every hockey team,and an event that every hockey fan out there wants to be a part of.  As fans of the Winnipeg Jets it seems likethat dream might be years and years away from a possible reality, never mindactually getting tickets to the event. While I may…


Jetstream Podcast Ep 30: Trophies

On this week’s episode, the guys discuss the racist remarks from Bruins fans, an non-reviewable goal on Stalock and give out our end of season awards.  All that, plus a look back at our Round 1 picks, and our predictions for Round 2.


Jetstream Podcast Ep 29: Teach Us

On this week’s episode, the guys discuss the positives and negatives of replay, NHL vs NBA viewership, and the responsibility of the broadcasters to help educated and entertain us during games.  All that, plus Backes, Cooke and an article in the Winnipeg Sun polling fans opinions on the Jets.


Goaltender Performance: Year In Review

Photo via Twitter As many of you are aware, at the start of this season I set out to answer a few questions in regards to Ondrej Pavelec. Despite what numbers were saying many out there were indoctrinated into the belief that it was the team in front of him, not his play that hampered…


Jetstream Podcast Ep 27: Playoff Picks

On this week’s episode, the guys say farewell to our Jets, make their playoff picks and give the lowdown on our plans for the podcast during the offseason.  All that, Maurice’s press conference, questions from you guys and a few shower thoughts.