Mason Appleton is Jets Latest College Success Story

When most teams’ prospects go to college, fans of those teams may be reasonably certain they won’t see them turn pro for three or four years. Not the Winnipeg Jets though. The Jets have drafted many players who have gone the college route, but not many of those have lasted the full four seasons at…


What to Expect from Kyle Connor

Kyle Connor hasn’t been in the spotlight much this summer. Not compared to the last two summers, anyway. In 2015, after putting up his second straight 30 goal season in the USHL, the Winnipeg Jets nabbed Connor at 17 overall, far below where every expert had picked him. Some even had him as a top-ten…


Farewell, Chris Thorburn

The number of Jets who’ve been here from the start got smaller last week. Winnipeg lost one of their longest-serving and most recognizable foot soldiers to Unrestricted Free Agency when Chris Thorburn signed a deal with the St. Louis Blues. Many Jets fans were unabashed in their enthusiasm for Thorburn’s exit. That it came alongside…


Jets Goalie Search Begins in Earnest

If you’ve been a fan of the Winnipeg Jets for almost any length of time, you’ve heard this before: the Winnipeg Jets would have made the playoffs last year if they’d had even average goaltending. It’s a line that’s been true of the Jets more than once. This year the numbers indicated the Jets had…


Expansion Draft Playbook: Central Division Part 3

As the expansion draft protected lists were released on Sunday morning (just a little later than we expected) one wave of speculation got quelled for good. Now that the lists are out, another wave begins. Did the teams make the right choices? And what choices will the Vegas Golden Knights make?


Expansion Draft Playbook: Central Division Part 2

With the first two of the Winnipeg Jets’ central division rivals covered in part one of this series, it’s time to take a look at two more teams the Jets will be watching very closely as the expansion draft approaches. The Dallas Stars and Minnesota Wild were supposed to be two of the busier teams this…


Expansion Draft Playbook: Central Division Part 1

As the Stanley Cup Playoffs wound down Sunday night, NHL GMs may have taken a moment to take a quick breath after another marathon season and heart-stopping finals. But they won’t have time for much more than that. Every year the weeks between the Stanley Cup Final and the entry draft are some of the…


Could the Winnipeg Jets Trade Jack Roslovic?

Jack Roslovic had a tremendous first professional season. He led the Manitoba Moose in points, despite a second-half push from fellow rookie Kyle Connor, and was one of their most consistent offensive players all year. He was the team’s lone representative at the AHL All-Star Game, and by the end of the year, he’d played…