Jets Game Day: Win or go home

               After a fruitless road trip to the Canadian West, the Jets return to action tonight facing a rather unpleasant reality. The mirage of a playoff spot held mostly by playing more games than other teams has ended, and as a result, they find themselves 6 points in arrears…


Jets Gameday – Less than meets the eye

                  The Jets wrap up their extended stay at home by playing number two of Claude Noel’s self-proclaimed seventeen game playoff series this evening, with the first outing having gone just about as well as anyone could have hoped. The seven-spot they posted on Thursday wasn’t exactly…

5 on 1?

Well, you don’t see this every day. Winnipeg put up a converted touchdown on the Panthers this evening, and without question the most astonishing moment was the Jets’ 4th goal, when a bit of timely defensive work by Blake Wheeler turned some Florida pressure into this:     Beauty. Bryan Little will never score an…


Jets Gameday – If not now, when?

                When the schedule was drawn up last summer, tonight’s Winnipeg-Florida game seemed an unlikely candidate to be a meaningful affair, with the ex-Thrashers and still-Panthers having spent last year wallowing in the depths of the Eastern Conference’s second tier. Washington and Tampa were the clear heavyweights starting…


Odyua traded to Chicago

                   The Jets made their first deadline trade in the last hour by making a move expected by most, as Johnny Oduya was traded this afternoon to the Hawks in exchange for Chicago’s 2nd and 3rd round picks in 2013. The Jets’ rearguard was in the final…


Deadline Gameday

                  You know that Bob Cole line from last year’s playoff, "Everything is happening"? Today, on the most over-hyped occasion of the year, someone should pull the esteemed gent away from his afternoon rum to declare the opposite, because if there was ever a day that seemed…



               Tuesday’s dispiriting effort against a mediocre Islanders’ team likely signified the end of Winnipeg’s aspirations for the post-season, and the inability of the team to generate any offence was again at the heart of the failure. The Jets’ paucity of scoring in all situations is fairly evident when…


The best player no one talks about

                As someone that’s worked the mathier side of hockey analysis for a few years, I’ve become inured to seeing players with shiny boxcar numbers get lauded while players labouring under difficult circumstances get ignored. It’s the way things have always worked in the hockey media, and despite…


  Time, as we’re so often reminded, has the ability to repair us after we’ve been injured. Wounds heal, indignities fade into memory’s recess, and we get on with our lives, more or less whole. That’s the conceit that most of us live by, and when we face something that disappoints us, like a hockey…


December 9th News and Notes

                 It’s time for another review of some of the items of interest from around the Nation and the league, as teams move into the middle third of the season. In this week’s overview, the Oilers hit a sour patch, the Canucks carry on without a couple of…


Jets through 23: An Overview

                 With the Jets home for an extended period, it’s time to re-examine the club’s performance via the underlying numbers, as a follow up to my review in late October. 


November 24 News and Notes

                The quarter pole has arrived in the NHL season, and News and Notes is back to examine the state of affairs around the Nation and the league. In this episode, the Flames head for the bottom, the Oilers bounce back, and hockey’s best rejoins the action.