Monday Morning Musings: Success Breeds Confidence

  Confidence is infectious. Especially when the leader of the troops is emitting it as much as Ron Hainsey used to give the puck away (Sorry Ron). But the Winnipeg Jets are more than confident crossing the .500 percentage threshold.


Jets Look To Overcome Mediocre Status

    So maybe it was the coach after all, eh? Poor Claude Noel, even one game over the .500 mark didn’t do it – probably had to do with how much the first half of the 2013-14 season dipped into that record. Two winning seasons – 37-35-10 and 24-21-3 – but still no playoffs…


Monday Morning Musings: Wright Not Right Fit & Jets Halfway Home

Wright Not the Right Fit In Winnipeg The biggest complaint I have had as a Jets fan over the two and a half seasons the team has been back hasn’t been the lack of Ron Hainsey’s defensive skills or even the lack of NIk Antropov’s speed – it is the fact the Jets regularly dress…


Jets Woulds, Coulds, and Shoulds List

  It’s season three in Winnipeg and enough time has passed since the Jets returned to start a should, would, and could list for the team and franchise of the past two and change seasons as well as towards the present and future of the team.


Four Future Jets Take On World Juniors

    I always enjoy taking a sneak peek at the future of the Winnipeg Jets.  It brings optimism, hope, and a sense that the franchise is actually going somewhere. And for the first time in the entire franchise’s history – Atlanta and Winnipeg – the team actually knows how to draft quality players who…


Evander Kane……is Soft

  Disclaimer: This article is in no way, shape, or form written because I have a personal vendetta against Evander Kane and the pitiful effort he is putting in as far as my Fantasy Hockey Team goes this season.  There I said it. Evander Kane. Words to describe him: quick, fast, speedy, big, somewhat dynamic,…


Some Jets Stats to Ponder

Understatement of the first month of the 2013-14 season: the Winnipeg Jets have not gotten off to a great start. For fans, points of frustration include coach Claude Noel, goalie Ondrej Pavelec, the inconsistency of the forward group, or even the deplorabale play of the defense corps. All good talking points of frustration.  


Coach, What’s the Deal?

    If the 2013-14 NHL Awards would come out today with its nominees for Most Inconsistent Act in the NHL thus far, the Winnipeg Jets would be a close lock to win it (here I’d like to plug the referees inconsistency on penalty calling, but I think I speak for about 99.9% of fans…


Teemu Flies in Winnipeg One Last Time

Teemu Selanne only spent three and a half seasons in Winnipeg. That’s not many years to play in a city for their team to be considered an icon, an idol, or a franchise player who’s number you would undoubetly retire at the end of a career.


Why Anthony Peluso Has Chris Thorburn’s Job

I’m sorry if I offend any Chris Thorburn fans out there, but he is not the Jets tough guy and won’t have a chance even if he wanted to.  He’s already had two seasons to do that, in fact. Enter Anthony Peluso, the man who pretty much has Thorburn’s job. In the past five seasons…


Why Cheveldayoff Deserves More Years

    The Winnipeg Jets decided they liked what GM Kevin Cheveldayoff has been doing in the three years the team has been in the Manitoba capital. The main reason for his extension, Cheveldayoff has built a winning culture within the locker room and making it a place where players want to come – something the Jets…


Air Thick With Optimism for Jets Prospects

The optimisim in the air is certainly quite thick isn’t it? After a 7-2 sinking of the Oilers prospects (let’s not forget that fact) on Saturday night, Twitter was abuzz with the hope and glory that this team, of prospects and potential future Winnipeg Jet players, would have in the many years to come. Oh…