“I’ve Shuffled The Lines…” – Change Management In Games

I’ve seen this floating around tumblr for a while now, and every time it gets back around, it always gives me a good laugh because every fan has watched their team and groaned when they’ve heard that the lines got shuffled a bit. The Jets fanbase tends to rail on Maurice a lot for using the…


JNGD 10 Flight Plan: Return of the Penguins

Tonight the Jets are looking to get some revenge on the Penguins after an overtime loss to them just this past Thursday. The Penguins are coming in on the back half of a back to back and lost last night to Minnesota. The Jets are coming off an overtime loss to the Blue Jackets and…


JNGD 3 Instant Recap – A Pool of Hats

Tonight Tucker Poolman made his debut while Dustin Byfuglien was sitting in the pressbox. It’s also a night where Nik Ehlers had a hattrick. Did I mention the Jets also won their first game of the season? Yeah, that happened as well.


JNGD 1 / Instant Recap: Things Happened, None Good

Equipment violations are now the surprise story when it comes to penalties. I thought it was going to be faceoff violations, but Tim Peel struck down and decided that visors, tape, and jerseys needed to be in tip top shape. It made for an interesting storyline for sure.


Let’s not focus on the lines quite yet

NHL training camps opened on Thursday, and on Friday most teams took to the ice. The hockey starved community instantly picked up where they left off last season and started to complain or worry about lines and groupings as those teams hit the ice. I’m here to tell you that it’s ok and not to…


WWYDW: I want to be the very best…

“There’s no doubt in my mind. In this sport, you can’t say, ‘Oh, you know, that was great. I just hope to stay amongst them.’ I’m pushing to be better than Connor, better than Sid.” Those are some bold words from Scheifele, but words that fans should be happy to hear. Logically speaking, he’s probably…


WWYDW: In Your Fantasies

With fantasy hockey lurking around the corner, it’s a good time to talk about which players from the Jets you want to pick up in your draft.


WWYDW: Let’s Get Promotional

Pennants, scarves, and bobbleheads, three things that tend to gather dust and are also the three big things the Jets gave away at promotional games last year. The promotional game schedule is coming out soon and on it we’ll see a list of games that have something special given to the fans.


WWYDW: What do your defence pairings look like?

Going into this off-season a lot of people figured that the Jets were going to be faced with a lot of questions on the defence and the pairings. When you take a step back, it’s not as questionable as one might think. It might be a defence core of questionable quality, but the pairings are…


WWYDW: RFA Madness

With other teams locking up young talent a year early it’s not a bad time to look at the cap situation for the next year or two.