Former Jets in the Playoffs

                        I’m still bored. You’re probably in the same boat. Hope Byfuglien isn’t driving! The last Jets game was all of 32 days ago, while the draft sits 35 days away. We’re rivalling mid-August levels of Jets related nothing-ness. Sure, there’s going to be a helluva an offseason around here. For one, there’s the 9…


The way I saw it – my Winnipeg Jets season review

      With the Regular Season over, it officially marks the begining of a whole new season – Season in Review Season. A favourite time of year for navel gazers, it allows writers and readers alike to look back on things that we may or may not have remembered, all while allowing the moment…


Jets Game #45: Now it gets real – Winnipeg Jets VS New York Islanders

  At long last, we’ve arrived at this point. Not since 1996 have the Winnipeg Jets been this close to getting in the Playoffs. After a 15 year NHL hiatus, an up-and-moslty down first year back, and this truncated season that’s featured Divison leads, heart-breaking losing streaks, and Claude Noel 3 piece suits, today’s game…


When will we see Trouba?: Troooooooooooooooooooooooooooouba

(photo from Jets facebook page) Man am I looking forward to some Trouba time. I think this kid is going to be awesome, and that comes only partially from my profound sense of pro-Jets bias. Earlier this April, the Jets signed their 9th overall pick from the 2012 Draft, and as of yet, he has…


Game #42 – Jets vs Panthers

  The Homestand from the Heavens continues tonight, with yet another big game for your Winnipeg Jets. After coming off the worst stretch of hockey pretty much imaginable, the Jets have come home and taken advantage of the schedule which, thanks be to the Universe, has brought to Winnipeg some of the biggest patsies in…


10 Games left! Jets vs Canadiens

  Put on your finest TV clothes  – it’s Jets Game day!! In their first game after the Trade deadline, the Jets fly to Montreal to take on the Montreal Canadiens tonight. With only 10 games left in the Season, and with teams catching up to them in the Standings, there’s no better time than…


Game #34 – Huge Stakes

  It doesn’t get any bigger than this. Well, it actually does – specifically this Saturday at the MTS Centre. But until then, this is as big as it gets. Tonight, your Winnipeg Jets travel to Raleigh, North Carolina to face the Carolina Hurricanes.


A Running Mate for Kane

               Poor Evander Kane. And Jets fans as a whole. While Blake Wheeler, Andrew Ladd and Bryan Little form a consideble trio with fairly reliable and successful chemistry, Evander Kane has been saddled with a "who’s who" of players you don’t want lining up with your budding young star.


Game # 30 – Bruin Battling

                               It’s Hockey NIght in Winnipeg tonight as your Winnipeg Jets face-off against the 2010 Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins live from the MTS Center in a battle between two teams trying to get themselves back into First place in their…


Game # 27 vs Rangers: A Titanic Clash for 8th place

                       Games don’t get much bigger than this. Actually, they often do. Certainly, in the Playoffs the stakes are much, much higher. In fact, every Jets game after this one will increases exponentially in meaning, pressure, and hyperbole.