Hello America: Jets Will Have Five Games Air On NBCSN

Last season the Winnipeg Jets were not featured in a single nationally broadcast game south of the border. Partly due to their location, partly due to the fact that no one really anticipated just how good or how entertaining the Jets would be to watch. That changes this season as the Winnipeg Jets will have…


Big Buff Cracks NHL Network’s Top 20 Defensemen

For all the talk of how Jacob Trouba and Josh Morrissey are the future of the Winnipeg Jets blue line – and they are – there is still but one king of the Jets defense in the here and now and it’s Dustin Byfuglien. Over the weekend, NHL Network confirmed that statement by putting Big…


JNFFT: Blake Wheeler vs Andrew Ladd

Our final match of the first round of the Jets Nation Fan Favorite Tournament pits the two captains of the Jets 2.0 era against each other as it’s the first captain Andrew Ladd going up against his successor, Blake Wheeler.


WWYDW: You Just Made Your Own List!

It’s a pretty simple question and really it doesn’t matter if you have stats and data to back up your claims, we’re just looking to see who you have ranked as the top five Winnipeg Jets.


JNFFT: Brian Mullen vs Thomas Steen

The Fan Favorite Tournament continues with a match up of 1.0 forwards. One was prolific in goal scoring while the other played his entire NHL career in Winnipeg and remained with the community well after the original Jets had moved on.


JNFFT: Essensa vs Reddick vs Berthiaume vs Khabibulin

If you thought the Three-Way Match between three Jets 2.0 grinders was something, check out our Friday Fatal Four-Way featuring four 1.0 era goaltenders. The truth is Jets goaltending in the 80’s and 90’s was ok, but Winnipeg has never enjoyed a true superstar presence in net like they did at forward or defense. The…


JNFFT: Chris Thorburn vs Mark Stuart vs Matt Hendricks

Surprise, it’s a triple threat match! Grinders always hold a special place in the hearts of some Jets fans, so it’s only fair to include three guys who weren’t exactly known for really anything else other than grit and grind hockey with the odd occasional goal to stun the hell out of everyone watching.


WWYDW: Who Is The Jets Next “Breakout” Star?

In case you’ve been living under a rock the last few years, or just woke up from a coma that started back in 2013, the Winnipeg Jets have had an incredible run of super talented and young players come up through the system and become big time players. Patrik Laine obviously is the first name…


JNFFT: Patrik Laine vs Nic Petan

Rooting for Patrik Laine is kind of like rooting for a summer blockbuster movie. You know it’s good, everyone knows it’s good, everyone loves it. Rooting for Nic Petan is kind of like rooting for a little known indie film that was only seen at a film festival. You know it’s good and if it…


JNFFT: Paul MacLean vs Randy Carlyle

They are better known today as head coaches in the NHL, but they were also long time Jets 1.0 veterans and teammates during the 1980’s. Today sees a battle between Paul MacLean and Randy Carlyle.