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Your #NHLJets Reactions: Paul Maurice Extended

There had been talk for sometime that the Jets were indeed going to give an contract extension to head coach Paul Maurice who at the start of this year was rumored to be in a little bit of a limbo in the final year of his current contract that he signed with the club back in 2017. Of course that didn’t stop anyone – lest of all us – from speculating that maybe he was going to end up in Seattle, or if things got worse, maybe right out to the unemployment line altogether.

But as it is, the Jets have confirmed that Maurice is their man for a “multi-year” extension which presumably means that beyond this season, there is at least two or three more seasons of Maurice behind the Jets bench.

We’ll have more of a breakdown on this news and what it could mean going forward on Thursday morning – along with some player reactions since we didn’t get any today with the Jets having a day off.

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One place that as you’d imagine that wasn’t short of reactions was social media and Twitter to be exact where so many of you chimed in both positive and negative on the news. Coaching is always a hot topic in any sport and the moment news broke of the extension, we expected fireworks…


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Fuelled by mediocrity?

As one could have easily predicted, there are quite a few fans who didn’t care for the move and many of you thought this was just a commitment to mediocrity by the Jets…

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Money (spent on ticket sales) talks?

Others mentioned that they’ll be making their disappointment in the news that Paul Maurice will be back behind the bench in 2020-21 known through their wallet by spending less on the Jets…


The coach does have support though

Not everyone hated the news. On the contrary, some were quite happy with the extension knowing what Maurice has had to deal with from the start of the season while keeping the club in a playoff hunt, and how the team overall could be in a much better spot next season.


Elsewhere in the media

Two very interesting takes from what we could consider “mainstream media” types also were worth noting in all the reactions. Paul Friesen of the Winnipeg Sun noted that this news broke in a very controlled way…

And for an outsiders, take, Colorado Avalanche beat writer AJ Haefele had a very interesting comparison that should strike a cord with Jets fans who also follow the NFL closely…