Your Knee Jerk Twitter Reactions: Paul And Ville Meet Up On Stage

Last night the Winnipeg Jets drafted Finnish defenseman Ville Heinola with the 20th overall pick in the 2019 NHL Draft. When Ville got up on stage, he got to make his way through the usual lineup of Jets management and ownership before getting to put on his new cap and jersey.

But just before he got to slip into his new work uniform, he had a little bit of a longer than just a “hey welcome to the team” moment from head coach Paul Maurice than one would expect, so we asked all of you just what exactly was said in that brief but lingering moment between coach and brand new player.

Some of you are still stinging a bit from the Jacob Trouba turmoil from earlier this week / past four years…

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Others meanwhile are a little leery of what may go down given Maurice’s past history with some “under-sized” prospects while others are well aware Maurice already has his personal favorites…

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He’s Finnish and young which can only mean one thing: He plays video games…

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And some of you thought Paul might be more focused on his job status more than anything else and that Paul might not even be his coach by the time he makes it to the big time…


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