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Jets Draft Simon Lundmark 51 Overall In 2019 NHL Draft

Kevin Cheveldayoff and the Jets continue the trend of picking European defensemen, this time going to a different Scandinavian country and a bit bigger as they selected 6’2″ right handed defenseman Simon Lundmark.

Lundmark has been talked about as being a responsible and solid two-way defender. One that doesn’t do any one thing exceptionally well, but can do a little bit of everything at a good enough level to make him a possible strong middle or bottom pairing defenseman.

EliteProspects.com had a very interesting write-up on Simon, mentioning him as a possible underrated prospect.

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“In his twenty-eight games with Linköping in the Swedish Hockey League, Lundmark posted three assists and appeared to be playing a more conservative role, trying to hold his own in the top league in Sweden.

That limited production provided some with the idea that his offensive upside may be limited but those concerns should be alleviated by his SuperElit production, that saw him put up seventeen points in twenty-five games at that level. Despite playing that few of games, he still led all Linköping HC J20 defencemen in scoring for the 2018-19 season.”

Another interesting note on Lundmark is his current contract status, again as outlined by EliteProspects.com

“Whoever selects Lundmark will retain his rights for four years before having to make a decision on signing him to an entry level contract and that may be perfect for the young Swede. He has shown offensive chops in the junior levels and was able to hold down a role in the SHL this season.”

If you follow basketball at all, the San Antonio Spurs are well known for picking European players with the idea that they will continue to play over in Europe for the next few years before even entertaining the idea of bringing them over to North America – a move otherwise known by many fans as “draft and stash”

It would seem this is exactly what the Jets are doing here.


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