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WWYDW: Your Fantasy Jet(s)

Rumors continue to float that Nashville Predators defenseman P.K. Subban is available for the right price. I as an unashamed fan of Subban would love to see him in Winnipeg as a member of the Jets.

Of course there are hurdles that get in the way of such a trade, like who exactly the Jets could offer up in return and if they’d want to do that kind of deal with a divisional rival. One would have to wonder as well if it would be even worth to get P.K. Subban – a right handed defenseman – on a team that already has Dustin Byfuglien, Sami Niku and (for now) Jacob Trouba on the right side.

Oh and even if the Jets and Preds could agree on a deal and the Jets had a plan to get him ice time, there is still a tiny little matter of his contract that still has three years left at nine million per season.

Ignoring all those things that would make a a Subban to the Jets deal virtually impossible, I still would do drastic things if I knew it would ensure it would make it so.

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While I was at it, I’d also try to find a way to get Ilya Kovalchuk back so he can add to his franchise records, I’d see if the Canucks would rather take Dmitry Kulikov for Loui Eriksson and I’d probably trade the farm to get Alex Ovechkin on my team. Not the Ovechkin of a few years ago, I mean the 33 year old veteran as he is now.

I would make an awful NHL general manager.

So while I make these deals on my copy of NHL 19, it also has me wondering, what players would the members of Jets Nation want to see in a Winnipeg sweater?

So this week’s WWYDW question: Which player – or players for that matter – would you love to see as members of the Winnipeg Jets, but you know deep inside could never happen? Feel free to suggest trades you’d make as a GM to get said player over to the good guys side, or just wistfully dream about a personal non-Jets favorite becoming an actual Jets favorite.

Let us know your thoughts and what trades you’d make in the comments below or on either our Twitter feed or Facebook page! As always, we’re going to go over some of the best and/or most thoughtful replies next week.

Last week I asked if Trouba was willing to commit to Winnipeg and the Jets and agree to a big contract (5+ years at $7.5 million a year or more) what would you do to make that happen?

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Unfortunately most of you have him as good as gone and couldn’t allow yourselves to get creative:

Darcy Witherspoon:

By trading Trouba now you maximize his trade value and you remain in charge of the culture and moral of the hockey team. Let’s face it if he’d rather play in his native US you oblige him and bring back someone who fits into the long term in Winnipeg. He’s a talent and his value is likely at its peak. I say thanks Jacob for several good years, it’s time to move forward.


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He doesn’t want to be kept. What is this a “if you live something set it free “ article??? ….. fine. I’ll read it.


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Using round numbers $26.5 cap space and 10 contracts needed Trouba, Laine and Connor come in about 22.5 total leaving 4 mill for 7 contracts so 5 and 85 would have to be dealt freeing up another 8.5 million so 5.5 left. Give an extra .75 or so to Copp (which) leaves 4.75 + $1 million allotted to roster spot for another C. Myers, Chariot and Tanev all gone…. But I don’t think Trouba stays so point is moot

Sonja Rois:

Trade him now while he’s still worth something. He doesn’t want to play here anyway and that can’t be good for team morale….

  • Trouba could bring a young #1 center, or a #2 center plus a #1 draft pick or “A” prospect or finally #1 LHD and #1 draft pick. Being a top pairing, 50 point, physical, RHD who is entering his prime doesn’t come on the market very often so I believe their will be a quiet bidding war to get him.