Jets Logo Doubles As Logo For South African Security Company

Every so often Winnipeg hockey fans traveling abroad will tweet us pictures of themselves wearing their Jets gear with pride from all parts of the globe, but a picture tweeted at us yesterday afternoon that originated from South Africa had a bit of a twist.

Thanks to Jeremy on Twitter and his friend for giving us the heads up and sharing these pics! Let’s take a closer look at that shoulder patch…

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Sure enough, a silver jet with a Canadian maple leaf in behind it and the notch in the circle pointing ‘true north’ – the unmistakable logo of the Winnipeg Jets!

You may be thinking though that you recognize the border and ‘ribbon’ around the logo and you rightfully should as it’s almost a carbon copy of the Jets “inaugural season” patch from the 2011-12 campaign when the Atlanta Thrashers moved north and were rechristened the Jets.

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While we question the legality of outright taking the logo and using it for your own security company, not to mention wonder if they realize that there is a maple leaf under that silver jet, our hope is that TNSE lets bygones be bygones and allows them to keep rocking the logo as they keep the skies over South Africa or the jets that fly over them or what ever it is that they are security of, secure. If anything, we’d suggest that any air security company based in Winnipeg should be allowed to use the logo as well if they wanted to do so.

That is… If only Winnipeg had an airport of course.