WWYDW: Why Not KEEP Jacob Trouba?

A lot has been made and speculated of Jacob Trouba’s seemingly inevitable exit from Winnipeg. How badly does he want out of Winnipeg? Does he want to play in a Canadian market at all, or does he have his sights firmly placed towards America? What if the Jets hang on to him for one more year in a sort of “rental” situation much like the Columbus Blue Jackets did with a couple of players this past season? Could the Jets keep him until the trade deadline next season? What could the Jets get for them if they trade him now as opposed to later on?

All that talk and speculation will carry on through the next month, into the draft and maybe (but hopefully not really) beyond July 1 and the start of free agency. It’s been a saga that has dragged for years and it would be nice to see it come to a conclusion. Heck, you’re probably rolling your eyes seeing his face yet again on top of this here blog.

But while we’ve all talked about how a Trouba departure is inevitable, let’s suppose for a brief moment that he wants to stay in Winnipeg and that the team wants Trouba to stay long term.

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Seems a bit far-fetched, sure, but crazier things have happened right? What if the Winnipeg Jets came to a long term agreement with Trouba? Evolving Wild’s contract projections has Trouba likely signing for a contract around $7.3 million a season over five years, which isn’t an impossible number given some of the other contracts the Jets have signed and the 25 year old defenseman just entering his prime would be well worth that kind of payment.

But it’s those other contracts – plus the ones needed to be given to the likes of Kyle Connor and Patrik Laine that of course make things complicated.

So the question to you today JetsNation, if Trouba was willing to commit to Winnipeg and the Jets and agree to a big contract (5+ years at $7.5 million a year or more) what would you do to make that happen? Who would you trade? Which one of the two major RFA’s in Laine and Connor would you make bridge deals? Would you consider looking to unload Dustin Byfuglien to make it work?

Let us know your thoughts and what trades you’d make in the comments below or on either our Twitter feed or Facebook page! As always, we’re going to go over some of the best and/or most thoughtful replies next week.

Last week I asked if you would trade for more 2019 draft picks. Not necessarily first round or high round picks, but at the very least get a few more:


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In a word… No. Having a first round pick is nice but that’s not what we need now. We need a 2nd line center… Should be able to swing a deal by trading Trouba.

Tim Chlopecki:

Jets are the second youngest team in the league, they need to move 5 and 8 as he will want way more than he is worth and 5 isn’t worth the money he is being paid. Trade them to Florida for Ekblad and a draft pick. They won’t protect Perreault when the expansion happens, must sign Myers he is gold. Not sure if they will sign Hayes, Laine will get a bridge deal, Conner will get a long term deal maybe a 7 for 7, keep Tanev the TLC line is amazing, one of the best shutdown lines in the league. A lot more work to be done!


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Trouba and Comrie to Red Wings for Dekeyser and first round pick!

Herb Keele:

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Lots of talent in the system already and have some real tough decisions this spring and summer so not worried about the number of draft choices as they are typically 2 to 3 years away … Would like to see changes and acquire one if not two power forwards that can be there for their teammates and be a force in front of the net as well in the corners. Jets get physically punished to often with little to no response, makes everyone tougher when there is that physically presence and by no means am I promoting fighting just standing up for the talented players that are taking a beating … Right Mark?


No unless it comes included in Trouba trade