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WWYDW: Should The Jets Trade For More 2019 Draft Picks?

Day one of the two day NHL draft is set for June 21, but unless something changes the Jets draft action won’t start until the second day and it will be very light action to say the least. Winnipeg is set to just have one selection available – the 51st in round two – within the first 100 picks taken in the draft. They have two other picks at 113 (round four) and 144 (round five) in the seven round draft.

The Jets by no means are an aged NHL club with little to nothing in the way of prospects. The list of their probable NHL prospects has shrunk a bit over the last few seasons, but the players that have graduated from “prospect” to “pro” – a list that includes the likes of Kyle Connor, Patrik Laine, Josh Morrissey, Connor Hellebuyck, Nik Ehlers and Jack Roslovic – fill a roster that this past season was one of the youngest by average age in the NHL.

That prospect list also boasts waiting-in-the-wings players such as forwards Kristian Vesalainen, Mason Appleton and David Gustafsson, defensemen Logan Stanley, Sami Niku and Dylan Samberg, along with goalie Mikhail Berdin.

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It’s still quite easily a prospect group that ranks in the upper half of the NHL, if not in the top ten.

But at the same time, the best way to make sure that system stays fed and remains plentiful is with draft picks and the Jets lack in that department, not only for this upcoming draft, but the Jets have also traded away two of their seven picks in the 2020 NHL Draft as well and don’t have any additional picks from other teams to make up the deficit. Over the next two drafts the Jets have only slightly over half of the picks available to them with just eight out of a possible 14.

So, should the Jets make deals to get more picks? It almost feels like a certainty that they will, but to what extent? Will they wait until the day of the draft and take advantage of a team looking to make a pick at 51, trade down to gather an extra pick or two that way? Will they trade a current asset in the days leading into the draft to get into the earlier rounds?

If you were Kevin Cheveldayoff, what would your plan of attack be? Would would you trade to get more picks in the draft? Would you try to get into the first round again? Are you content wit just having three picks this year? Let us know your thoughts and what trades you’d make in the comments below or on either our Twitter feed or Facebook page! We’re going to go over some of the best and most thoughtful replies next week.

Last week I asked you to list five things (or how ever many you wanted to give us) you’d do to “fix” the NHL:


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1. 76 regular season games (assuming 32 teams)
2. Goalie interference when player in blue circle (international rule)
3. 3 point games
4. Players benches on both sides
5. No offside challenge after 10 seconds in zone


Change the rules to eliminate personal interpretation and any grey area.

Fine (or some kind of punishment) Referees for egregious calls like they do for players.

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3 Point games.

Change the rules regarding signing bonus’. (this might be because I’m a fan of small market teams)

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3 point games for all games

72 game season

Shrink goalie gloves and blockers down to the minimum required for safety, take 2 inches off the width of sticks as well.

Gold plan drafting (the idea that you “earn points” in a race for the top draft pick once you’re eliminated from playoff contention)

Allow teams to choose their opposition in playoffs

Herb Keele:

Make it a 3 point regulation win and you’ll get rid of 50% of these overtimes. Agree offsides are mostly non-issues so maybe if the play extends for say 15 seconds after said issue then no review as you’re right it has no effect. Also quit making public referring reprimands as this allows for less respect.