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JetsNation Picks The 2019 Conference Winners

In the second round of the 2019 Stanley Cup playoffs, we got a little bit more of reliable results as only one of the four upstart wild card teams managed to keep their dancing shoes on and move on to the third round, but that didn’t matter for most of our picks as we came to expect the unexpected and this maybe put too much faith in the likes of the New York Islanders and Dallas Stars.

Now into the conference finals, we still remain a bit of a split group when it comes to picking the east, but out west only one of us believes in the Blues.

Perhaps the rest of us are all still stinging a bit from round one’s Jets exit?

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(A2) Boston Bruins vs (WC1) Carolina Hurricanes

Art: Boston in six – I really hope I’m wrong here because nothing would make me happier than to see a Bunch Of Jerks stick it to Grape’s other favorite club, but Boston is just too deep and too nasty to deal with.

Cassie: Carolina in seven – Why bet against them? They’re proving everyone wrong and I’m happy to see it.

Justin: Carolina in seven – This year’s Hurricanes’ run feels eerily similar to the Knights’ run from last year. Everyone keeps doubting them and they keep winning.

Zee: Carolina in five – The last team standing from the Wild Card Chaos Squad! No one thought they could make it this far and yet here we are. I’m excited to see what their plan will be for handling the depth that Boston is going to throw at them, I think that’s their biggest hurdle.

Sean: Boston in six: Carolina has put together a magical run, but Boston is just too deep and too skilled. Bruins win handily.

Kyle: Boston in seven: This is going to be a fun series where a perennial favourite is up against the new kid on the block. Is it foolish to pick the perennial favourite? Maybe, but I think the Bruins have one more Stanley Cup in them before the dynasty is over.

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(C3) St. Louis Blues vs. (P2) San Jose Sharks

Art: San Jose in six – Again, call me a salty, bitter Jets fan but I still haven’t been overly impressed with what St. Louis has done here. Dallas lost that more than the Blues had won it. As long as Martin Jones doesn’t forget how to goalie, San Jose should be headed back to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Cassie: San Jose in six – Jones seems to have remembered how to goalie, so that’s great. I have a personal vendetta against Binnington and I hope his success ends here.

Justin: San Jose in six – Something seems to be clicking with Martin Jones lately. I believe that he is in a groove right now and San Jose has too much firepower. As great a story as Jordan Binnington has been, I think this is the end of the road.

Zee: San Jose in seven – Both Joes have given it their all and a handful of teeth for this playoff run, can we just give them the cup at this point? Also I love the thought of the Sharks just absolutely frustrating Binnington, we saw some glimpses of this being a problem for him in the series against Dallas, and the Sharks should have no problem accomplishing this and causing him to fall apart. My biggest concern for the Sharks in this series is their stamina and ability to keep playing their game. Whenever they’ve strayed from it they’ve had problems keeping up with fast, young teams.

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Sean: San Jose in Seven: This has the potential to be the series of the playoffs. So much skill, so much size. This will be a tremendous series but Gloria comes off the playlists after this series.

Kyle: St. Louis in six: While I don’t want to cheer for St. Louis after losing to them, they have a real shot at winning this series. Their depth has been excellent so far and could cause trouble for the Sharks.

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