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Your #NHLJets Reactions: The Day After

I spend a fair amount of time on the Twitter machine and I gotta say it was a lot quieter than I had expected from Jets fans on Friday. Maybe part of it was due to it being a holiday. Maybe Jets fans were still trying to come to grips with what happened on Thursday night, or maybe they already had and there just wasn’t much left to say.

Certainly the first tweet in our little social media recap is how I envisioned a lot of Jets spent their Friday…

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If Thursday’s loss wasn’t heartbreaking to some, then it felt like a different body part might have been involved…

Ok, ok… I think we got the gist of what Jets fans went through Thursday night and into Friday morning. No doubt the end result stung and many wanted to lay blame at the feet of Jacob Trouba or Josh Morrissey or Paul Maurice, it’s worth nothing that the actual play that beat the Jets in the last 15 seconds of the game was quite remarkable.

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Life is this game of inches…

Two things jump out at a person when they see this. One obviously is the edge the Jets have in these critical categories other than the last one which unfortunately at this point in time is the most important. A second point though can be made of how close this series has been. There have been moments the Jets have been out-played by the Blues sure, but the Jets have also had their fair share of dominant play and really as crazy as it sounds, one or two bounces the Jets way (that puck that was heading into the net for a 3-0 lead before a stick – maybe Kevin Hayes’ own stick – cleared it off the line) and this is a much different series.

That said, as Friday carried on some continued to choose to believe.

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While we all geared up (braced ourselves?) for game six, a notable “fan” made it clear he wasn’t on the bandwagon…

Funny, he didn’t have issues wearing the jersey in the past.

Whatever. At least it’s not Drake wearing a Jets jersey. Now Toronto can carry the burden of both Biebs and Drake, the Jets have enough to deal with in figuring out what’s causing the third period curses.