2019.R1.G5 Jets Playoff Recap: It Happened Again

You’re stunned, but you’re not surprised. You’re a Jets fan. You’re a Jets fan in 2018-2019 and you’ve seen this all too many times this season. Two goal leads, three goal leads, it really doesn’t matter. This isn’t even the first time this season the Jets have lost a game in literally the final seconds of the game. None of this is surprising.

But it is stunning. The Blues have continued the patter of home ice disadvantage in this series and now with a 3-2 series lead have a chance to close things out on Saturday back at home in St. Louis.


A blistering start for the Jets as 12 seconds in, the TLC gets to work with a dump into the corner, winning a puck battle and a puck out in front to Adam Lowry who made it 1-0 very quickly.

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Credit to the Blues though, they battled right back and actually started to get an edge in not only shots, but in overall puck possession as well. Even with the push back, the Blues weren’t able to get anything past a sharp Hellebuyck and the Jets added to their lead thanks to an impressive drive to the net from Kevin Hayes.

The Blues end the period with a 12-7 edge in scoring chances, but it’s the Jets with a two goal lead.

First Period Highlights

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No goals in the second as both teams trade chances and the Jets have a 10-6 lead in shots on the period to get an overall 22-21 edge. Winnipeg is helped by a four minute double minor to Robert Thomas for high sticking Dmitri Kulikov, but the Jets can’t do anything with the extended man advantage as the Blues demonstrate an aggressive penalty kill.

The Blues continue to get a bunch of chances in the slot area as the Jets defense does commit a handful of turnovers in their own zone, but Hellebuyck remains strong through 40 minutes of play.

Second Period Highlights

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Stop me if you’ve heard this before: The Jets go into the third period with a two goal lead..

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1:29 into the period the Blues score on the power play to get on the scoreboard and you could almost feel Jets fans shifting nervously in their seats with an almost sense of dread of what was to come. The Jets to their credit do push back and start piling up a few shots on the Blues leading up to a delay of game penalty on the Blues that would have been a great opportunity to get back a two goal lead, but the Blues penalty kill is aggressive and keeps the Jets to the outside.

Shortly after the Blues again start to apply pressure and just before the 14 minute mark tie things up on a slight controversial play as Oskar Sundqvist drives to the net hard, gets taken down into the Jets goal knocking it loose, but Brayden Schenn scores at the same time to tie things up.

After a review, it was determined – and correctly we might add – that since Sunqvist crashing into the net was caused by Dustin Byfuglien, the position of the net doesn’t really matter.

With the Jets completely on their heels, the Blues continue to attack but can’t get anything past Hellebuyck. The Jets also get a couple of chances late and for a moment it seems like we’d be off to our second overtime of the series, but with seconds left, the Blues tie it up after working the puck free behind the Jets net.

Third Period Highlights


  • JN

    In all the years (no decades) I have been supporting the Jerks I have never been so disgusted with them. They couldn’t even make it to overtime.
    Another complete and utter 3rd period melt down.They should damn well apologize to their fans for such a pathetic display. You guys SUCK!