Blake Wheeler is a special captain

Big moments are where your best players need to show up. The Jets are down 1-0 against the Blues after falling in game one. The captain of the Jets, Blake Wheeler took some time to speak to the media about the mentality of the team going into game two. His wit was a perfect amount of sass and measured response:

“Who was the last team to 16-0 in the Playoffs?”

That’s exactly what you need from your captain and tonight was no different. Back in the first period, down 1-0 to the Blues Scheifele sets up Wheeler to tie the game. Huge moment answered:

The special thing about that goal and the subsequent celebration (one that Blake unleashes in the biggest of moments) is that Wheeler took some time in the first intermission to talk to CBC’s Scott Oake.

Here’s a competitor, in a huge moment, still cracking jokes. That hilarity aside did you catch the little comment at the end there?

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“I let ’em know I was gonna touch it for them tonight”

That’s a special captain right there.
The city of Winnipeg, province of Manitoba and all of Jetsnation will not give up on this team and our captain is not going to either.