The Province of Manitoba commits to $100,000 for each playoff round of the Whiteout Party

It was announced yesterday that the government of Manitoba is stepping up in a big way this year. Last year the province committed to giving the whiteout street parties an injection of $2000. It was announced yesterday by Economic Development Winnipeg that they will commit up to $400000 ($100000 for each playoff round) to the party and its infrastructure.

In a media statement about the commitment, Minister of Sport, Culture, and Heritage Cathy Cox said,

“The return of the Jets to Winnipeg has helped to reunite our city and province, enabling Manitobans to join together in a celebration of civic pride and our love of the game,”

The power of Winnipeg Jets fans and the passion they displayed last year, with estimates of 20,000 people lining the streets in and around Bell MTS Place for each of the 9 whiteout parties, is the reason for this no doubt. I think Jets fans should be proud that they showed up and the province has seen this, responding in kind as well.

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While other teams *ahem* Edmonton, Vancouver, and Montreal *ahem* wait to find out where they are drafting next year, how great is it Jets fans are talking about our party plans for the foreseeable future.