Pilots Logbook 2018-19: Ben Chiarot

Ben Chiarot posted career numbers in pretty much anything as the Jets gave him a much bigger role on defense almost out of necessity due to injuries. Despite the career numbers though, there was some dark clouds hanging over them and while it should benefit Ben this summer as a free agent, it may be…


Pilot’s Logbook 2018-19: The Prologue

Another season of Winnipeg Jets hockey has concluded albeit way too soon. If there is a bit of a silver lining to the earlier than expected exit from the 2019 NHL Playoffs, it’s that it gives us a bit more of a chance to look back at this past season and more importantly at the…


Have Your Say In Our End Of Season Survey

We’re now just a bit over a week into a very early (but not totally unexpected) off-season for the Winnipeg Jets and as the dust settles most fans and media are starting to look forward to this summer that could see more turnover and changes from the Jets than we’ve seen in summers past.


Jets Coaching Staff: Their Jobs Are Safe, Or Are They?

Coaches are hired to be fired. This isn’t really opinion as much as it is a way of life in all of professional sports. It’s very rare that you have a coach or manager in any sport that does so well with a team and is loved and respected enough that they can leave or…


JetsNation Makes Their Second Round Playoff Picks

We here at JetsNation tend to be an agreeable bunch and we certainly agreed that the first round of the 2019 Stanley Cup playoffs was crazy. No top seeds advancing, all the wild card teams moving on. Even the NCAA Basketball Tournament looked on and said “damn guys, maybe chill out on how crazy you’re…


Jets Nation Podcast: Playoff Breakdown

Let the analysis begin! The Winnipeg Jets have been eliminated from the 2019 NHL Playoffs and start their off season early. The six game series with the St. Louis Blues had a bit of everything. The Jets struggled on home ice but then showed resiliency by winning two games on the road. The third period…


As long as we stick together as a team, we’ll be alright

The last time there was a visible locker room rift on the team, someone’s tracksuit got thrown in the shower. Now here we are several years later, with another season that ended too soon and fans left wondering what exactly happened behind closed doors.


Playoff Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Jets Go Down Without a Fight

It was a hard fought series between these two clubs, but it definitely wasn’t a hard fought game as the Jets were clearly out-matched from the very first shift. It took less than a minute for the Blues to get on the board and they never looked back as they acquired a three goal lead…


2019.R1.G6 Jets Playoff Recap: It Is (Rather Mercifully) Over

The Winnipeg Jets 2018-19 season – one that started with visions of Stanley Cup glory back in September and October – ends with a unceremonious thud. Two months of questionable regular season hockey where they blew a rather large lead in a division race blended in to a playoff series where the Jets blew leads…


2019.R1.G6 Jets Playoff Flight Plan: Looking To Live On In St. Louis

Do or die. Now or never. Insert whatever cliche you’d like into tonight’s game. The Winnipeg Jets either win tonight and force a game seven in what has been an entertaining series full of great highs and crushing lows, or the season’s end comes early with us wondering just where it all went wrong and…