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Meet Arthur Preston

The Winnipeg Jets recently released a comical video where Jack Roslovic disguises himself as an old-timer who plays some shinny at the Forks.

Roslovic’s alter-ego is Arthur Preston, former junior B player and fan of the ‘Winnipeg Planes’ who hangs out with some people on the local ice. It’s a funny video where Roslovic or ‘Preston’ pretends to be really bad at hockey while shooting around with some strangers. After getting to know some guys, Roslovic shows his true colours with some nice moves to show that he’s a bit better than a former junior B player.

I think this video is awesome. It’s hilarious listening to Roslovic interacting with strangers and discussing what other people think of the Jets while they have no idea who they’re talking to.

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These types of videos all began with Uncle Drew back in 2012. For those who haven’t seen it, NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving dons the persona ‘Uncle Drew’ after getting a makeover to make him appear old. Similar to Roslovic, he pretends he’s terrible at his sport until getting into a competitive game. After the game starts, he promptly showcases his skills to the wide-eyed crowd.

The nice thing about Roslovic’s transformation was that it didn’t take much effort. All it took was a beard and a hat and nobody would recognize it’s Roslovic skating with them. This is completely different than ‘Uncle Drew’ who had to put on tons of makeup to fool the bystanders.

There a number of funny moments in the video. One of my favourites is when the kids realize he’s using some fancy custom skates. They don’t notice his skates until he starts deking them out, but they clue in pretty quickly that he’s better than he was pretending to be.

That leads to the next funny moment. Roslovic’s quite hilarious when talking with the other people and pretending he’s really terrible. Going on about the ‘bottom cross bar’ and the ‘Winnipeg Planes’ shows Roslovic’s witty sense of humour and his ability to have some fun on the ice.

Here’s hoping that the Jets have more of these clips up their sleeve for our viewing enjoyment.