How Do You Pronounce “Nathan Beaulieu”?

Forget what the Jets biggest problems are with the defense pairings, or issues with zone exits and turnovers, or if they don’t have the right systems in place to take advantage of the current talent they have in the lineup.

There is a much more important and pressing issue in the world that we need to deal with right now…

How Do You Pronounce “Nathan Beaulieu”?

Rick Ralph, you work in radio and do this kind of thing for a living. How do you pronounce it?

Ok, there we have it! BOWL-you. Simple right? Now, to just do a quick check of the official NHL pronunciation guide just to confirm…

Wait, BOI as in BOY-loh?

Ahh crap.


Turns out this has been an issue for a while now as Buffalo Sabres fans were also a bit perplexed.

Joe Yerdon covers the Sabres and writes for The Athletic and they pretty much know everything about everything so let’s let him be the definitive word…

Ok. Fine. It’s bowl-YOU. Confirmed. It’s a YE-5 as it were.

Although I have to admit, that wasn’t said with a whole lot of conviction there Joseph. And why are we even trusting Sabres fans anyway? They can’t even get the name of their own team right. (SABERS. If you play in an arena called KeyBank CENTER then you are SABERS. SabRES play in a KeyBank centRE.)

Let’s get the opinion of an expert on this. A linguist as it were. You there, you look like you could help, how would you pronounce “Beaulieu”?

Well, this doesn’t help matters in the least. Does it matter if it’s a city name or a person’s name? Does that make a difference?

Gotta admit, “BEW-low” would be kinda neat to go with.

Has anyone ever just thought to just – and this is a crazy idea so stick with me on it – ASK THE MAN HIMSELF?!

MuratMike… We’re trusting you who have the locker room access with one very important task. Pull out your trusty cell phone and get video (shot horizontally of course) of Nathan himself saying his own last name. We need to put this critical issue to rest.

Until then, when we find out for sure and have video confirmation from Nathan Beaulieu, maybe we should just call him Nate.