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Jets Ship Out Nic Petan To Leafs In Exchange For Par Lindholm

Nic Petan has finally been freed.

The Jets sent the often talked about but little played forward to the Toronto Maple Leafs for 27 year old Swedish forward Par Lindholm.

Without knowing all the details and discussions that have happened, this feels like more of a mvoe to give Nic Petan a chance on a new club, although one has to wonder if he’ll get a fair shake with the Leafs and head coach Mike Babcock who has had a history of not being a fan of smaller players such as Petan. Petan had been in just 28 games over the last two seasons for the Jets and has been kept in the pressbox for far too long the last two months.


As for Par Lindholm, LeafsNation was very meh about a player who has been a big bunch of meh for Toronto after joining the club this past summer…

So the Leafs gave up a 4th line winger, sometimes center, who was playing over 11 minutes night. He had 1 goal this season and is a 27 year old free agent who was unlikely to be returning to the Leafs next season. With the Leafs calling up Trevor Moore it seemed pretty likely that Lindholm wasn’t going to be in the lineup for the Leafs anymore no matter what.

Par Lindholm traded to Jets for Nic Petan

Lindholm is also an unrestricted free agent this summer, so the Jets could be just using this as a chance to get a bit of a closer look at him and what he could bring to a team.

But really, this trade is more about Nic Petan than anything else. A talented forward who could just never seem to break through for multiple reasons. best of luck to him in Toronto be it with the Leafs or the Marlies.