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JNGD.S8.G55 Recap: No.


I’m not going to recap that game. I am not going to go over the absolute shitty details of yet another 5-2 Winnipeg Jets loss, this time to the Ottawa Senators who just happen to be sitting in DEAD LAST PLACE IN THE ENTIRE LEAGUE! The Ottawa freaking Senators who have been such a tire fire this past year that even daytime TV soaps are like “woah, slow down with all the drama right?”

I don’t want to put positive spins on this. I don’t care that the Jets had 80+ shot attempts on goal, a lot of good that did them when everything was from distance or at bad angles. No, I am not going to do this. I was willing to accept 5-2 to Montreal because they have nice players and sometimes even the good teams have absolute stinkers and at least Paul Maurice admitted they were awful.

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The less time spent thinking about this game, the better. I already spent three hours tweeting about it and having to watch it and and if I wanted to inflict any more punishment on myself I’d start writing for OilersNation where you have to subject yourself to cruel and unusual punishment when your team stinks and loses a game.

Having to still write about this game is punishment enough, ergo, I am not going to write about it any more.




Still no.

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What part of NO didn’t you get?

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  • It ended.
  • Seeing future Jet Mark Stone score a couple of goals at one end and then make some nice defensive plays in the other was nice. He’s going to make a fine Jet for the stretch run… Unless, ya know he gets traded to the Nashville Predators or Dallas Stars and suddenly this just became a preview of what to expect in April.
  • That Laine saucer pass. *chef kisses fingers*
  • I said I wouldn’t make it a positive… But… The Jets at least did try to direct a lot of pucks towards the Senators goal, they just didn’t do a very good job of getting a lot of traffic in front of Sens goalie Anders Nilsson. But this was a slightly better effort than what they had against the Habs. I just don’t know how much of that to buy into because the Ottawa Senators lead the league in shots against.


  • Seriously, if Mark Stone ends up in the Central division and it’s not with the Jets, someone might need to be fired.
  • That fourth Sens goal in the second period. What the heck was that?
  • The heat map from this game is telling. Yes the Jets had all those chances, but when the area at the blue line is a deeper shade of blue than the area in front of the net, can you really say they are giving themselves the best chance to score goals?


  • Laurent Brossoit looked like Laurent Brossoit of last season, not the Laurent Brossoit of this season. Three of those five goals beat him high to the glove side and should have never gone in. The first goal against wasn’t much better.
  • The Jets had ten minutes of power play time in this game. Patrik Laine played 1:02 of it. This should get a coach fired if we’re being honest with ourselves. Of all the issues Laine has had, generating shots on the power play wasn’t one of them and now it is because he barely sees the ice and when he’s on the ice it’s with the less talented second unit. Someone should let Paul Maurice know that is horseshit.